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While we’ve enjoyed dressing up in many a pretty frock on a hot, sunny day this summer, we’ve also endured soggy, grey days and torrential downpours which has sullied our canvas trainers and leather sandals. Many of us have been digging out our trusty waterproofs to keep dry over the last few days, so now could be the perfect time to invest in some brand new wellies. They’re ideal for those of us spending the summer holidays camping, walking and hiking. And, as Kate Moss has proved, a sturdy pair can still look good with summer dress.

Neoprene lined wellies will keep you warm, dry and insulated – even if temperatures drop as low as -40c. The synthetic rubber, similar to that used in wet suits, has incredible temperature control capabilities, while also being very flexible and soft. Neoprene traps bubbles of warm air inside the boots to keep your feet and legs warm, even when you’re standing or sitting still for long periods of time in the cold. They’re also cushioned, making them perfect for long walks and hikes; offer strong support, as the welly moulds itself around the foot for a great fit, and of course they are 100% damp proof.

It’s worth noting that some find neoprene lined wellies make their feet too warm during nicer weather, and therefore they aren’t as suitable in hotter climates. But as they are extremely tough, durable and waterproof, we think they’re worth investing in. Here are some of our favourite neoprene wellington boots below…

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