It’s time for honesty hour. Shopping for skincare can be overwhelming, expensive and, well, just down-right confusing. There’s thousands of products on the market promising to deliver jaw-dropping results for practically every skin concern under the sun, but knowing which formulas actually perform is quite the mystery. Got a zit? This cream will make it disappear in hours. Want firmer skin? Pay $100 for a serum that magically plumps skin in seconds. Dealing with a dry patch? Yep, there’s a moisturizer for that, too. You get the picture. There’s so much to consider when dropping major money on a new skincare product, but how do you know which products are actually worth the hype?

To help eliminate the guesswork and save you a ton of money, we asked a panel of skincare experts to handpick the products they can’t live without for this year’s Women’s Health Skincare Awards. Yes, you read that correctly. These are the goodies that estheticians, dermatologists and even a cosmetic chemist would recommend to their patients. Whether you’ve got dry, oily, combination, acne-prone, sensitive or mature skin, the pros are here to help.

You’ll already know and love some of these winners, while others are newbies that are worth investing in, stat. Ecstatic yet? Yes, us too. We suggest grabbing a pen and paper or just adding to cart as you scroll. Let us introduce you to the 2021 Women’s Health Skincare Award Winners—a.k.a the skincare products pros can’t stop buying.


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No matter how often you apply your favorite moisturizer or layer on oils and creams, your skin constantly feels parched. That’s why you need these moisture-rich products that will hydrate your skin and help seal in hydration for good.

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So you’ve hoarded every mattifying product on the market in hopes of getting rid of that oil-slicked complexion. These are the products that allow your skin to look luminous without being shiny or feeling greasy.

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If you find it challenging to reach for any ol’ formula without experiencing a rash, breakout, or burning or redness, you guessed it, that’s sensitive skin. But don’t fret. There are quality products out there that are gentle enough to keep your skin calm, happy, and healthy. Right this way.

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Pimples are great… said no one ever. But even though they’re pesky and really inconvenient, they don’t have to rule your life, or your face. These blemish-busting finds will help you get those unwanted zits under control.

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Some areas of your face are dry and others are oily (hello, greasy t-zone). If rich formulas lead to breakouts on your forehead and chin, but lightweight options leave you feeling dry, yep, you’ve likely got combination skin. Here’s to products that work for your entire face, once and for all.

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There’s nothing wrong with wrinkles, but there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to minimize a few of those natural lines. If you’re looking to ignite a fresh, dewy, radiant complexion, you’re in the right place.

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