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We all have at least one person in our lives who can’t get enough of the great outdoors, which is why we curated these gifts for nature lovers. Their IG feed consists of them conquering another mountain, posts from the trail, and pics of their garden. They are always saying, “let’s go spend a day at the beach” or can be found tending to their plants on chill weekends.

Shopping for anyone can be stressful, especially around the holidays. Many questions pop into your mind: “Do they already have this?” “Is this too uninspired?” “What if they don’t like it?” It can be even more difficult to shop for that nature lover in your life. You feel the pressure to get them something that’s useful but that also has a unique flare. It’s also important to consider getting them something they can take anywhere and doesn’t require electricity. (No outlets on hiking trails, I’m afraid.)

Enter: this list. There are plenty of top-rated items out there that aren’t just the run-of-the-mill backpacks, carabiners, and water bottles. From a subscription service that sends outdoor products, to women’s weekend trips for a reasonable price, to ingenious inventions that make outdoor enjoyment just a little bit easier and ones that even bring the outdoors in, these gift ideas are bound to impress any nature lover.


57Hours Experience

Some of the best gifts you can give are for experiences. 57 hours offers buyers a weekend (or week-long) getaway in some of the most beautiful locations. (Think: The Grand Canyon, Iceland and even the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu). They even have women-only trips, which is perfect for a little TLC.


Portable Campfire

The Radiate Portable Campfire was a huge hit on Shark Tank, and with more than 1,600 5-star reviews on Amazon, the product holds up. This eight-inch, four-pound contraption takes the hassle out of starting a fire. All it takes is one match and you have a bonfire that burns for three to five hours. Though it might not last you a whole camping trip, it’s perfect for backyard gatherings, nights at the beach and the occasional s’mores. If you don’t use it all in one sitting, you can even relight it.


Personalized National Parks Scratch Off Poster

Scratch-off posters are so in right now. They make cute wall decor while also providing the satisfaction of crossing items off a list. In this case, it’s National Parks. If you have a friend or loved one itching to visit all of the National Parks, this is the perfect gift for them. And here’s an added perk: You can personalize it.


Indoor Electric S’mores Maker

Everyone loves a good s’more, but it’s a bummer when the cold or rainy weather moves in and makes it difficult to get outside. Those looking to bring the outdoors in should get this s’mores machine. The center piece is where you roast the mallows and there is a tray to hold the supplies. One 5-star review said: “I am a huge smores fan, and in the summer could easily make one every night. This machine makes it so I don’t have to make a fire every time, and I don’t end up smelling like smoke every day.”


Telescoping Roasting Sticks

Jolly Green Products


To go with the s’mores machine, you’ll need roasting sticks. Because of their telescoping handle, these roasting sticks make it easy to pack and take with you on trips.


Picnic Basket Backpack

Hap Tim


Yeah, picnic baskets are cute and all, but sometimes the goods can get smooshed in there. Not to mention it can be difficult to carry. A picnic backpack is the best way to go, and this one comes with tableware for four, wine openers, a blanket and the pouch is a cooler for your picnic snacks. There is also a side pocket for that oh-so-necessary bottle of wine.


Portable Wine Table

Speaking of wine and picnics, a portable wine table is a must have. This one holds four stemmed glasses and has a center console for the bottle. Not to mention it doubles as a charcuterie board. Brb, on my way to get some vegan cheese.


Smart Water Bottle

Let’s be real, none of us are drinking enough water. If you’re looking for a little nudge, try this one on for size. This water bottle lights up every hour on the hour to tell you to drink water. On top of that, it doubles as a bluetooth speaker.


Ice Cream Canteen

It’s about time someone made a canteen for our ice cream. This container fits a pint of ice cream and keeps it from melting for hours. Reviewers say it’s perfect for hiking, camping, or piping hot days at the beach. 


Subscription Box

Subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving. Cairn is a box subscription that sends the “best-in-class” outdoor products for nature lovers to test. It’s a great way to test new retailers without committing.


RV Rental

Everyone talks about wanting to do an RV or camper trip, but so few people do it. Outdoorsy might just be the motivation some people need. It makes renting campers, RVs and vans easy. Consider it the Airbnb of RV rentals. 


Go Bottle

LifeStraw is a lifesaver. It takes unpurified natural water (think water found in lakes and streams) and removes 99 percent of bacteria. The company even makes water bottles with the straw built in so that it purifies while you drink. This is perfect for an off-the-grid hiking and camping trip.


Camping Cookware Mess Kit

For overnight campers, a mess kit can be a necessity. MalloMe’s lightweight, compact kit is No. 1 in openfire cookware on Amazon and contains 10 pieces, including a pot, non-stick pan, two bowls, and more. 


Portable Folding Backpacking Chairs

It’s insanely difficult to take a folding lawn chair on a camping trip because they’re too large to fit most backpacks. This space-saving chair folds up into a compact storage bag and only weighs two pounds. It supports up to 250 pounds and is perfect for any outdoor seating.


Pocket Blanket

Another item that will save you space in your camping pack is this pocket blanket. It’s waterproof and fits two people comfortably when unfolded. One 5-star reviewer had this to say: “I brought this along with me on my 4-month trip around Asia & Australia earlier this year. Because it folds up compactly, I was able to throw it in my little backpack/bag and take it with me everywhere I went.”


Single & Double Camping Hammock with Net

Tents are out and hammocks are in — especially when they’re like this. Sunyear’s two-person hammock comes equipped with everything you need to hook it up and mesh netting. It’s comfortable and ideal for listening to the sounds of nature while you sleep.


Portable Coffee Maker

There is no need to sacrifice that morning cup of coffee when hiking or camping. This portable coffee maker uses a pressure vacuum to create smooth cups of coffee in two minutes.


Outdoor Watch with GPS

This Garmin smartwatch is perfect for the hiker in your life. The lightweight watch can check your heart rate, has built in GPS, and has a breadcrumb feature that makes retracing your steps easy.


Inflatable Floating Drinking Holder

For those who can spend hours in the pool or on the lake, getting in and out just to take a sip of water is work. That’s why an inflatable cooler is the way to go. Fill it with ice and keep it near you at all times.


Glass Propagation Station

So, your friend got into propagating their plants during the pandemic, didn’t they? Instead of using a spare cup that no one drinks out of, get them a cute propagation stand — or three. This one is affordable and the glassware makes it easy to see the roots.


Solar Power Bank

Unfortunately, nature doesn’t have any outlets, so you have to get creative when it comes to charging your electronics. This solar power bank makes that easy. The pack charges from the sun so it can charge your phone, watch, whatever. Here’s a pro tip: Fully charge the solar bank with its electrical cord before you go on a trip.


Waterproof Dry Bag

Canoeing and kayaking trips are made difficult when you don’t know what to do with your belongings. The Earth Pak provides an excellent solution. It keeps everything dry and even comes with a waterproof phone case. And it has more than 16,000 5-star reviews to back it up.


PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

Taking yoga practice outside naturally happens when a nature lover is also a yogi. That’s why, if they opt to use a mat, it’s important to get one that’s good on all terrains. Enter the Manduka Pro yoga mat. It’s thick and one that will last. 


Jade Yoga Hand Towels

And when you do yoga outside (especially in the heat), you’re bound to get sweaty. Jade Yoga makes amazing towels that will soak up any moisture that prevents you from getting good grip.



These VOVO binoculars boast more than 3,500 5-star reviews on Amazon. The best part? They’re affordable.


Liquid Propane Grill

This grill is perfect for cookouts on the go and it has the ratings to prove it. Take it to the beach, camping — you name it. 


Sandproof Beach Blanket

Nothing is worse than lying on a sandy towel or blanket at the beach. That’s where a sand-proof and water-resistant blanket comes in. (Yes, they exist!) This one can fit up to seven adults and has stakes to keep it tethered to the ground. According to this review, it’s also pet-friendly: “It does not absorb moisture. Sand does not stick, but rolls / blows right off. The thing is durable. Did fine with our chair legs digging into it and our dogs nails before they learned to keep off.”


Cooler with Speakers

Super Real Business


Carrying your things to the beach or park is already a hassle, so finding ways to condense items is always best. Super Real Business makes this incredible soft-sided cooler that doubles as a speaker. All you have to do is pair up your phone, pull out a seltzer, and relax.


Kindle Paperwhite

Beach reads are made so much easier with an e-reader. The Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof and the brightness adjusts to your environment. It’s also small and perfect if you bounce between books and don’t want to lug multiple with you.


Waterproof Playing Cards

Playing cards don’t necessarily fare well when in the elements, especially in wet or rainy environments. This waterproof deck is the perfect solve. Take them fishing, camping, to the beach — wherever your queen of hearts desires.


Pop Up Beach Tent

Beach fiends need this in their lives. It’s a tent that provides a shelter from the sun. It’s great for families, too, as you try to keep those young ones protected while allowing yourself to catch some vitamin D.


Cordless Blender



There is no better time for a frozen beverage than on the beach. That’s where this cordless blender comes in. Just pack all of your favorite smoothie (or cocktail) ingredients into your cooler and mix up something refreshing.


Gardening Gloves

For the gardener in your life, gift them a pair of long sleeve gloves. They’ll come in handy when digging through those rose bushes.


Garden Kneeler Seat

The worst part of pulling weeds is how it hurts your knees and back. If you know someone who tends to their garden religiously, buy them this bench that can be sat on or flipped over to kneel on.


Garden Tools Set

Or, if you know someone who wants to get into gardening, this toolkit is great for beginners. It has what you need—and a belt to keep it all in.

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