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Although it’s been almost 20 years since Katie Holmes stepped into our lives as Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek, you’d never guess it based on her glowing complexion. The 42-year-old actress recently attended the Kate Spade fashion show as a part of 2021 New York Fashion Week, where she stunned photographers and attendees with a classic blue dress paired with perfect beach waves in her hair. Although she looked gorgeous in that blue-dress-black-purse combo, her best accessory was definitely her glowing skin.

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Earlier this year, Katie appeared in People with her face au naturel for their annual Beautiful Issue. In March, the celebrity revealed that she wants to embrace aging with gratitude. How graceful! Katie is known to sport a makeup-less look while out and about in her daily life as well. During her interview, the actress discussed that she approaches beauty from the inside out by making sure to take care of herself first and worry about makeup later. The mom of one told People, “I don’t worry about not having makeup on. My joy comes from within.” No wonder she has that glowing natural look—she makes taking care of herself a priority! She was also kind enough to spill a few details to InStyle on how she maintains her look. Keep reading find out some of her beauty secrets for more makeup-free days.

She consumes a lot of water and vegetables.

Katie spilled that she starts off her skincare routine far before even applying any products. She shared with People that eating her veggies and nourishing her body with water is essential to her inside-first beauty regimen.

She wears hyaluronic acid serum and moisturizer.

Hyaluronic acid can be a lifesaver on days where skin needs an extra boost in moisture. According to InStyle, the actress makes sure not to miss out on moisturizing her face to keep it looking smooth throughout the day.

She swears by product from Dr.Sturm’s Skincare Line.

Dr. Barbara Sturm is Katies’s go-to in terms of skin care products. InStyle composed a list of some of Katie’s favorite products from the line including hyaluronic acid, brightening serum, and face cream.

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She gets a lot of facials.

Katie not only trusts Dr. Sturm with her skincare, she also trusts her with her for treatments as well. The TV star told People, “I am a big fan of Dr. Sturm. I regularly get [her] facials and use her products.”

She wears sunscreen and lip gloss every time she leaves the house.

The actress finishes up her skincare routine with sunscreen and lip gloss before heading out for her day. UV protection and moisturized lips are a major key for her that pulls each look together. Katie made a point to tell People that “When I leave the house I make sure I’m wearing sunscreen and a lip gloss.”

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