According to retail surveyor Indix, Lululemon’s leggings are the most expensive yoga tights on the market (the average pair of Lululemon tights rings in at an eye-watering $101.80). Break into a sweat without breaking your bank account with these five high-quality, budget-friendly Lululemon-inspired tights. If you’re looking for cheap Lululemon leggings, these fashionable alternatives fit your needs perfectly.

Cheap Lululemon Leggings: 5 Cheaper Alternatives to Try Before Your Next Yoga Class

Ranging in price from $5 to $70, the following five leggings brands offer high-tech fabrics and athletic features to fit your yoga, gym, and fashion needs. You don’t have to sacrifice quality just because you’re trying to save money on your workout gear.

1. 2Luv Yoga Leggings

Best For the Lowest Price Point (Starts at $5)

If your focus is as intent on keeping the price down as it is getting into downward dog, you literally can’t beat 2Luv’s cheap Lululemon leggings alternative with its mind-boggling $5 price tag.

Your basics are covered here, including a flexible belly belt, a slim fit, and ankle-length hems. The fabric styles come in numerous vibrant colors, letting you dress up or dress down as the day requires. Keep in mind that at this price, you will be giving up a few more advanced athletic features you might find in other tights.

Pros Cons
The absolute least-expensive Lululemon alternative you’ll find. Fun, playful patterns and colors that pop. Great stretch and fit At this price point, you’ll miss more high-tech features like odor-prevention and moisture-wicking, which may be a deal-breaker for some. These leggings do not provide any pockets. Unlike higher-priced alternatives that tend to be more spandex-based, 2luv’s option is mostly polyester 

2. CRZ Yoga Women’s Naked Feeling High Waist Tight Yoga Pants

Best For Those Who Love the Lululemon Align Pant II (Starts at $24)

Lululemon’s Align Pant II is a crowd favorite because of its curves-hugging fit and soft, four-way stretchy fabric. But a pair of this yoga staple retails for a whopping $98. For a cheap Lululemon leggings alternative, the CRZ Yoga Women’s Naked Feeling High Waist Tight Yoga Pants starts at only $24.

Just like its name-brand counterpart, CRZ’s version feels lightweight and matches the almost-naked feel. You’ll especially love the wide, high-rise waistband, which includes a hidden pocket for holding your keys or gym fob.

And while the high-tech microfibers let you move effortlessly as if you were wearing nothing, the crotch gusset keeps you confidently discrete and modest no matter the yoga pose you find yourself in.

Pros Cons
Very lightweight with exceptional stretch. High waistband. Hidden pocket for conveniently storing your must-have items Depending on the fabric design you choose, you may find the opaque fabric a bit too sheer for your liking. The extra-wide waistband folds over, which may be annoying depending on your personal preference and style

3. 90 Degree By Reflex

Best For Combining Athletic Yoga Apparel with the Qualities of Shapewear (Starts at $13)

If you’re feeling a little body conscious or simply want the confidence that comes with curve-enhancing shapewear, try on the 90 Degree line by Reflex. You’ll get the best of both worlds.

Reflex pairs a flattering capri length with a tummy-control waistband so you can work out, shop, or hang out with friends while feeling like your best self. Interlock seams and a four-way stretch ensure maximum comfort, and like its more high-priced competitors, it includes hidden pockets and other little details you’ll love.

Pros Cons
Reflex’s line combines both yoga leggings and shapewear, creating a flattering silhouette no matter your body shape. High-tech fabric wicks moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. Gentle compression pressure keeps everything in its place The elastic waistband requires a little extra love and care if you want it to last a long time. No odor-blocking technology

4. Alo Yoga Women’s High Waisted Ripped Warrior Legging

Best For the Style-Conscious Athlete (Starts at $70)

There is a reason that celebrity yoga teachers and fitness coaches like Kayla Nielsen, Dylan Werner, and Ashley Galvin all wear Alo Yoga’s products. Alo Yoga’s tights are designed to be high-endurance products at a lower price point than Lululemon, and always bring an edgy vibe that’s ideal for the Instagram crowd.

Take these high-waisted leggings as a prime example of Alo Yoga’s aesthetic. You’ll immediately stand out at the gym or the coffee shop with its ripped style, which is unlike any other brand’s fashion offerings. Each detail is laser-cut and created with body-mapping and contouring, so you’re not just hitting your style targets, but also your workout goals.

Pros Cons
Laser-cut design instantly upgrades your style and fashion. A front-smoothing panel lets you go commando if that’s your preference. Flat-locked seams avoid irritating rubbing or chaffing The ripped design isn’t for everyone. A limited selection of colors and hues, primarily focused on earthy tones. When it comes to cheap Lululemon leggings, these beat Lululemon but are not the cheapest option on the market

5. Electric Yoga’s Seamless Legging

Best For Serious Athletes Who Need Maximum Durability (Starts at $29)

It’s designed by women, for women, so you know it will be flattering and comfortable. But this is no average yoga legging. With high compression pressure and an extra-thick waistband, it’s crafted to be durable and long-lasting no matter the type of workouts you do.

Electric Yoga even calls out its leggings’ squat-proof nature, meaning you can reach, bend and squat without worrying about compromising your modesty or your comfort. If you’ve struggled with cheap Lululelmon leggings in the past that were a little too see-through for your comfort, Electric Yoga has your back (literally).

Pros Cons
The material feels lightweight, but it’s extra durable and extra opaque. A thicker waistband keeps your tights in place during a grueling workout session. A high fit creates a flattering, tight look around your stomach Limited styles and colors. Lack of side pockets or hidden waistband pockets

No matter which cheap Lululemon leggings alternatives you choose, each of the above brands and products offers a little something for every lifestyle.

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