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29 Nov 2019, 22:02 IST

Jessika Carr will debut on the main roster tonight on SmackDown

Jessika Carr has been one of the main faces of NXT over the past few years, refereeing almost all of the women’s matches for the promotion, as well as the women’s matches at WrestleMania and last year’s Evolution.

Jessika made history by becoming WWE’s first full-time female wrestler back in 2017 and has continued to push to make more history over the past few months, which is why it was revealed earlier this week that she had been promoted to the SmackDown brand.

Jessika was given the chance to cut a promo in front of the WWE Universe on Wednesday night at Full Sail University and was able to bid farewell to the crowd and the NXT roster, following the main event match between Finn Balor and Tommaso Ciampa.

While Jessika has been part of WWE for approximately two years, there are still many things that remain unknown about the former NXT star, so here are five facts ahead of her debut on SmackDown tonight.

#5. Wrestling inspired her to lose weight

Jessika made a name for herself as a wrestler before coming to WWE

Jessika Carr was born Kennadi Brink and as a teenager, struggled with her weight. She credited her love of wrestling as the reason for her weight loss and why she’s been able to get her weight under control.

Carr reportedly met a local wrestler when she was younger, who helped her lose 60lbs and then go on to become a wrestler herself. Carr started training with Duane Gill’s Academy of Professional Wrestling back in 2010 and went on to wrestle for several promotions before heading to WWE.

Jessika was known as Jessie Kaye on the Independent Circuit before she later changed her name to Kennadi Lewis as a WWE star and then Jessika Carr when she became a referee.

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