Actress Chéri Ballinger Invests in LifeStory Health, Inc. — A Bio-Science Company Advancing Women's Healthcare

An advocate for women’s health and brain injuries, Ballinger’s personal story aligns with LifeStory Health’s mission to advance women’s healthcare and raise awareness of the need for more sex-specific testing. “It’s very important to me to use my second chance at life to help as many people as I possibly can. For me, this is personal, and it’s my mission,” said Ballinger.

For Ballinger, investing in LSH complements her work with the Women’s Brain Project, a non-profit group based in Switzerland. “LifeStory Health is such a great fit for the Women’s Brain Project. As an ambassador for the organization, I see how essential it is for us to collaborate so our international advocacy can support more change, advance medical science, and raise awareness for the specific needs in women’s healthcare,” continued Ballinger, “together we are so much stronger.”

Ballinger’s support will help expand LSH’s research and amplify awareness of sex specific testing to meet the unmet medical needs of diseases disproportionately impacting women, including neurodegenerative diseases and several types of cancers. “LifeStory Health is on the forefront of accelerating women’s healthcare and Chéri’s contribution and increased involvement highlights the confidence investors are seeing in our research,” said LifeStory Health Founder and CEO Anna Villarreal.

Scheduled to conclude in Q3 of 2018, LSH’s study will provide much needed insight into how Alzheimer’s disease impacts women. Nearly two-thirds of the 5.4M Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are female. When looking at early onset Alzheimer’s, women represent 75% of the population. The disparity between female and male is compounded by the fact that brain studies in males outnumber females by 5 to 1.

“Not only is LifeStory Health changing the clinical testing paradigm but we are changing how both individuals and organizations invest in life science companies”, said Villarreal. “Accelerating healthcare through our novel approaches will provide an impact for over half the population, and to have this ‘for women, by women’ investment marks a truly humbling event.”

LifeStory Health’s early onset Alzheimer’s study marks one of three studies LSH will begin in 2018. The others include early stage breast cancer and pre-diabetes. For more information on clinical studies or investment opportunities, please contact  

About LifeStory Health
LifeStory Health, Inc. is leading a pioneering journey into the previously undiscovered territory of female biology, early pre-determination and detection of disease, and potential disease management through effective diagnostic and subsequent therapeutic targets. Learn more at

About Chéri Ballinger
Chéri is a professional actress, fashion model, and TV host and appeared in numerous films, TV shows, national and international commercials and print ads. For nearly ten years, she was the official spokesmodel of Sun Labs/Giselle Cosmetics, representing them in all global media and events. Her passion, optimism, and strong work ethic allowed her to earn a Bachelor of Arts from California State University while simultaneously working in the US and abroad. In February of 2014, Chéri was working as a model for a movie poster at a major Los Angeles studio when her life changed. She was in the middle of an action shot when she fell onto the back of her head on concrete from high above a trampoline. Since her traumatic brain injury on that day, her world has never been the same. After years of grueling physical and speech therapy, as well as the grim prospect that she would not be able to have a full life again, Chéri overcame all the odds against her. Now an international speaker, she is a strong advocate for women’s health and brain injuries.

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