Aldi Will Soon Be Selling Weighted Anxiety Blankets – Women's Health

Set your alarm for the crack of dawn and be ready to throw some elbows to get your hands on Aldi’s new Special Buys range which features a a much-coveted weighted blanket. The on-trend bit of bedding uses deep touch pressure to stimulate pressure points on the body to create a feeling of being hugged. This can help calm anxiety, improve mood and sleep quality.   

Although the science to back these claims are scarce, one study did find weighted blanket resulted in improved sleep time in insomniacs, also leading their subjects to wake up feeling “more refreshed” following a “calmer night’s sleep.”

Aldi’s blanket is filled with high-density glass beads and comes in two different weights – 6.8kg for those weighing 55kg to 80kg and 9kg for those who weight more than 80kg. It will retail for $90, well over half the price of many other retailers. 

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Aldi’s Sweet Dreams range drops on January 22 and aside from the blanket, you’ll find memory foam pillows and silk pillowcases. Boujie, much?!

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