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That makes her energy practitioner, Amy Lundberg, laugh. Lundberg says she hears that sentiment quite a lot in her line of work.

But, as it turned out, an energy practitioner was exactly what Soyring needed. She had been feeling emotionally and physically drained for a long time, and was at a loss for explanations or solutions, she says, when she fortuitously met Lundberg at a yoga class.

Her new friend told her about the restorative potential of energy healing, and Soyring decided to give it a try. Before long, she was feeling more energetic, more confident and better equipped to accomplish the things in life that she wanted to. With Lundberg’s help, Soyring pulled herself out of a deep rut, and even started her own business.

Today, she says, she feels happier and healthier than she’s felt in years.

And that’s the other sentiment Lundberg hears quite a lot: that her clients feel transformed after working with her, better able to manage and enjoy their lives, and more like themselves again.

“There are a lot of phenomenal people in the community who are feeling burned out and stuck,” Lundberg said. “I like to help people through that, without it being more work for them. Without it being hard.”

Lundberg has years of experience and training in many branches of holistic health — she’s a yoga instructor, personal trainer, life coach, intuitive eating coach and more — but it’s her latest studies in energy medicine that she’s most focused on now.

Her business, Fitness For The Soul, offers full spectrum energy healing, stress relief healing, nutritional endocrinology (hormone balancing), fibromyalgia healing, chronic pain healing, chakra balancing, autoimmune healing and more.

A mix of talk and touch therapies — “of giving and holding energy” — Lundberg’s approach to healing takes the whole person into account in order to discover the root causes of their problems. She considers her clients’ physical health as well as their relationships, financial situation, career, spirituality, etc.

Lundberg uses her skills to help her clients “get out of their own ‘stuckness,’” as she explains it. Many of her patients have gone to her for help with chronic problems such as headaches, migraines, anxiety, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, pain, stress and depression. She’s sometimes one of multiple practitioners working with her clients, as they may also be seeing a therapist and/or their regular family physician.

Lundberg’s most common clients are women, especially working women and moms, but she has male patients from time to time, too. Some go to her for only a short time or periodically, while others see her frequently for six months, for a “deep dive,” she said.

A table display at Fitness for the Soul includes a certificate recognizing Lundberg as a Rhys Thomas Institute Master Healer. (Marie Johnson / Tribune)

A life change

Lundberg started Fitness For The Soul after encountering her own “fork in the road.” Approaching 40, running a business and raising four kids, she would wake up feeling exhausted every morning, no matter how much sleep she got. She was working as a personal trainer, health coach and life coach, yet was feeling overwhelmed by her own life, lonely and emotionally numb. She knew she needed to make a change.

Aware of the possibilities of energy healing, she decided to explore the practice further. She studied energy medicine for three years at the Rhys Thomas Institute, and what she learned changed her life. After graduating from there in 2017, she immediately began incorporating more energy medicine into her coaching practices. She knew that what had helped her could also help her clients.

“I believe that all challenges that people have, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, are rooted in energy,” she said. “That’s why my passion is finding the root of people’s ails by looking at energy, at chakras.”

Not widely accepted within the world of standard Western medicine, energy medicine is gaining credibility, according to Lundberg, thanks to newer research into individual energy fields: “Science has proven that we all have an energy field around us. It’s recognized that we have energy within us and around us, and that people’s energy fields intermingle and affect each other.”

An article published in 2019 on the National Institutes of Health website defines energy medicine as “the use of known subtle energy fields to therapeutically assess and treat energetic imbalances, bringing the body’s systems (neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory, skeletal, endocrinal, emotional/psychological, etc.) back to homeostasis.” The article recommends the continued incorporation of energy medicine into standard medical practice, due to its known health benefits.

“Energy medicine has to do with body, mind and spirit — it’s looking at the whole being,” Lundberg said. “Western medicine looks at the one physical piece, but you need to look at the whole person. That’s just a matter of fact. Energy medicine has a lot to do with intentional living, breaking energy patterns, and helping people find and live a happy life, in all areas of life.”

Making a difference

Raised on a farm in North Dakota, Lundberg has lived in Detroit Lakes for the past 23 years, and strives to make a good mark on the community she calls home.

“One of my passions is to have a positive, loving, caring impact in my community, to help my community feel healthier and also happier and more fulfilled,” she said. “I feel if you have a community that is happy, feeling fulfilled, feeling good and healthy, you have a community that grows and thrives.”

In addition to being an energy medicine practitioner, Lundberg has a bachelor of arts degree in sports studies management and a bachelor of science in health. She’s a Chek Institute Trained Holistic Lifestyle Coach, an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, a Certified Yoga Fit Instructor and Certified Intuitive Eating Coach.

She was named Master Fitness By Phone Coach of the Year in 2002, and won the Fitness By Phone Lifestyle Achievement Award in 2004. She is also the author of an online workbook, “Self Care Before Sit Ups: A Women’s Guide to Taking Frustration and Failure Out of Fitness,” and the guidebook, “Your Energy Solution: Ten Simple Steps, Ten Short Minutes a Day.”

In addition, she has co-hosted the Health Talk Radio Show, “Living Your Personal Best,” and produced a weekly television segment called “Fitness Tips.”

On June 20, she will be putting on a Holistic Healthy Living Festival in Detroit Lakes, with speakers, music, yoga and food.

More info

What: Fitness For The Soul

Where: Third floor, Detroit Lakes Community and Cultural Center, 826 Summit Ave.

Phone: 218-841-7086


What are chakras?

Amy Lundberg works with many of her clients on balancing their chakras. Generally speaking, chakras are energy centers within the human body.

Beliefs differ, but the most commonly studied chakra system identifies seven chakras, which are positioned vertically along the spine and up through the neck and crown of the head. Each chakra corresponds to a specific part of the body, as well as certain physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual states of being.

The “root” chakra, for example, is at the base of the spine and is tied to the adrenal glands. When the energy in this chakra is depleted, it can cause a person to feel anxious, dissociated and fearful. When the energy is excessive, it can lead to sluggishness, hoarding and a resistance to change.

The concept of chakras originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC, and is found in the early traditions of Hinduism. It’s said that healing energy lies within the chakras, and that balanced chakras can help people feel happier, healthier and more vibrant.

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