September 15, 2020

Tori Barnes-Brus ’97, professor of sociology at Cornell College, has been named the Jerry and Carole Ringer Distinguished Professor of Sociology for a three-year term (until June 2023).

Barnes-Brus has taught at Cornell since 2007. She teaches courses on inequality, deviance and social control, reproduction, media, and research methods. Her courses demonstrate a dedication to social justice and civic engagement; many involve field trips (to local homeless shelters or medical centers) or incorporate public sociology projects such as student-made public service announcements. She is embarking on a new community-engaged research project that asks “How does community develop around home birth, midwifery, and alternative ideas of women’s health and well-being?” This project allows Barnes-Brus to apply her expertise as a sociologist to assist home birth advocates in their goal of community building while she also continues to research the cultural constructions of motherhood, women’s health, and reproduction.

Barnes-Brus earned her Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Kansas, Lawrence in 2010. 

Previous Jerry and Carole Ringer Distinguished Professors are Santhi Hejeebu (2017-2020), Melinda Green (2014-2017), John Gruber-Miller (2011-2014), and Craig Tepper (2007-2010).

The Ringer Professorship was established through the generosity of Jerry Ringer ’59 and honorary alumna Carole Ringer and their family, to support excellence in teaching and scholarship, and outstanding service to both college and community. The Ringer Professorship is awarded to a tenured member of the faculty and recognizes past accomplishments and supports future endeavors. The basis for selection is exemplary teaching, service, and scholarship.