Under the theme of “Pink Ribbon — We Care More,” Jiahui International Hospital is taking up the fight against breast cancer.

October is international breast cancer awareness month, and a pink ribbon is its symbol. The hospital will offer free breast health screenings and breast reconstruction surgery to patients in need.

Breast cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors in women, and the incidence rate in China continues to rise each year. There are around 304,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer in China every year. It is the top cancer for Chinese women.

“Breast cancer has always been a threat to women’s health,” said Dr John Hsiang, clinical president of Jiahui International Hospital. 

“We hope that through this event, we can arouse public attention of women’s breast health, give back to local patients with our advanced, international medical resources, and encourage institutions and companies in different fields to work together to advocate for the public to improve breast cancer awareness and prevention.”

Experts said the scientific treatment of breast cancer starts with personal attention and prevention. It is recommended that all women, especially those at high risk, such as those with a family history of related diseases, should receive regular breast health screening. This, in combination with a healthy lifestyle, will allow any issues to be addressed and resolved through timely screening and diagnosis.

In order to reach more patients, Jiahui has cooperated with the breast cancer patient community to provide free breast cancer reconstruction surgery to a number of eligible patients.

Dr John Hsiang, clinical president of Jiahui International Hospital introduces the program.

Ti Gong

Participants show their support and best wishes to patients with breast cancer.

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