Bargain hunters: A free dog show, Southern Women's Show discounts, thrift shop sales on tap – The Tennessean

CLOSE In honor of Ms. Cheap’s 25th anniversary of her column, the Cheapest of the Cheap contest is back, and you can enter today. Autumn Allison, Nashville Tennessean Mid-March is looking good for cheapos, with a free dog show, discounted tickets to the the Southern Women’s Show, good music and some super sales.  Enjoy the… Read More

The 17 Best Spring Nail Colors 2019 – Trending Nail Colors for Spring – Women's Health

Jewelyn Butron Chances are you can’t buy a whole new wardrobe every time the weather changes. But picking up a few nail polishes with each new season is one of the most wallet-friendly (and commitment-free!) ways to try out a new trend. This spring is all about pastels and variations on your go-to shades. Nothing… Read More

UTSA commends women's achievements during Women's History Month – UTSA Today

Women’s History Month 2018 Opening Reception keynote speaker, Erika Prosper, and Women’s Advocate of the Year, Anel Flores, pose with UTSA faculty Sonia Saldivar-Hull and Annette Portillo. (March 1, 2019) — In recognition of the contributions women have made within our society, UTSA will celebrate Women’s History Month with a series of educational events throughout… Read More

How To Add Facebook Event Invites To Your Stories, Using The Platform's Latest Update – Bustle

Facebook is continuing to double down on Stories, rolling out new updates to their 24-hour Snapchat-like feature. Starting today, you’ll be able to share events in Facebook Stories. This new feature will make it even easier to invite friends to Facebook events you’re attending. (…and even harder to avoid the influx of Facebook events flooding… Read More

How to make the most of the Southern Women's Show in Nashville – The Tennessean

CLOSE In honor of Ms. Cheap’s 25th anniversary of her column, the Cheapest of the Cheap contest is back, and you can enter today. Autumn Allison, Nashville Tennessean Why spend more money than you have to for the Southern Women’s Show? The best approach is to get the best deal on tickets, the best price on parking… Read More

Celebrate Women’s Day with a makeover on March 9 – Shanghaiist

Get glamorous this Women’s Day with GLAMOURLAB, which is holding a beauty event on March 9 that will empower women through feminism, confidence, and beauty. Happening at WeWork Landmark, GLAMOURLAB has teamed up with food platform Bon App to celebrate women from all walks of life – professionals, housewives, mothers, and singletons – by introducing more partners,… Read More

QUIZ: Are You Applying Your Makeup Correctly? – Women's Health

Getty ImagesLetizia Le Fur You’ve probably been casually honing your beauty skills since you were relatively young. It might have started when you watched Mom at her vanity, and then continued when you and your friends began experimenting with lipglosses and body glitter in middle school. (Remember that trend?!) Now, you’re probably bombarded with more… Read More

International Women's Day Week to be Kicked off by 2019 Australia-New Zealand Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky(R) in Sydney – AsiaOne

Gender diversity, work-life balance, equal pay, career tips and techniques to take center stage. SYDNEY, Feb. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — After a stunning USA kickoff of the 2019 World Tour of Break the ceiling touch the sky® in New York on Feb 4, 2019, House of Rose Professional Pte. Ltd today announced that a special International… Read More

FA Women's Super League: Five things we learned this weekend – Yahoo Lifestyle

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