IKE Box now staying put as YMCA, Salem First Presbyterian consider land sales – Salem Reporter

Demolition on Salem’s YMCA is just around the corner. An 11th hour deal and some new state funding means the beloved coffee shop next door will be able to buy the YMCA-owned land it sits on. The IKE Box building, on the corner of Cottage Street and Chemeketa Street, was used as a funeral home… Read More

58-year old competing to be Sports Illustrated's oldest cover girl, hopes to empower women over 55 – Stuff.co.nz

A 58-year old mother of two is hoping to be Sports Illustrated‘s oldest cover model. Gym owner and trainer Jodi Harrison-Bauer, from Connecticut in the US, attended the magazine’s open casting call last week, in the hope of winning its annual swimsuit model search.  JODI HARRISON-BAUER/INSTAGRAM Jodi Harrison-Bauer Harrison-Bauer posted about the experience on Instagram saying, “On my… Read More

Pregnancy doesn't slow down these women while weightlifting in the gym – Chicago Daily Herald

During her pregnancy Rachel Annunziata was asked the normal question, “When are you due?” But the 27-year-old Arlington Heights resident also fielded some not-so-normal questions, such as “Should you be doing that?” and “Are you OK?” Annunziata is a middle school teacher who coaches track and started a weightlifting club for students. An avid fitness… Read More

If the daily weigh-in isn’t working out for you, it could be time to ditch the scales – The Sun

STEPPING on to the scales can be a major mood killer. And now more than ever, whether it’s Joe Wicks urging us to sling the “sad step” (his name for bathroom scales), Jameela Jamil’s #Iweigh movement – which encourages people to share positive things about themselves that have nothing to do with their body size… Read More

How To Clean Yoga Mat Correctly — Tips For Sanitizing Yoga Mats – Women's Health

Your yoga mat has been with you through it all: sweat, tears, meditation, invigorating flows (and more sweat). And if you want it to continue to be your trusty fitness buddy, it needs a little extra TLC on the reg. “You should be cleaning your yoga mat after every class – especially if it’s heated,”… Read More

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Is Starting Early With 50 Percent Off Activewear – Women's Health

Jewelyn Butron If your workout drawer is running on empty and your hamper’s overflowing with dirty, stretched-out leggings, skip the laundromat and grab some new gear instead. Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale officially doesn’t start until next Friday, July 19, but many of your favorite activewear brands are already on sale (thank the online shopping gods!). But,… Read More

Why reformer pilates is the best exercise for women over 40 – Now To Love

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