Ketosis Made Easy? Yeah Right – Women Fitness

Ketosis Made Easy? Yeah Right Ketosis Made Easy? Yeah Right : We understand that the keto diet is hard and maybe even a little extreme, but it really is great for you, and we’ve found a better way. I’m sure you’ve heard at least one of your friends, or that weird girl at the gym, or… Read More

'Social media is failing women' says Director of Amnesty UK – HELLO! Magazine

Kate Allen speaks exclusively to HELLO! February 20, 2019 – 10:03 GMT Kate Allen, Director of Amensty UK, speaks exclusively HELLO! on social media and the responsibility these companies should be taking We take social media for granted – chances are, you check yours countless times throughout the day. But there’s a dark side… Read More

'We've got to get that kid:' Corner Canyon's 5-star Kemery Martin is a breakthrough recruit for Utah, playing in this week's 5A state tournament. – Salt Lake Tribune

Taylorsville • Kemery Martin launched a 3-pointer from the left corner, and the ball took two big bounces off the rim before settling into the net. She smiled. The shot in the second quarter Tuesday was a sign that this year’s first-round game of the Class 5A state tournament would turn out better for Corner… Read More

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There Was No One Like Karl Lagerfeld – The Atlantic

Lagerfeld made the leap from fashion-industry stalwart to pop-culture icon when he was appointed creative director of Chanel, showing his first couture collection in January 1983. It’s a sign of his transformative influence that few remember that Chanel was in genteel decline at the time, adrift since the death of its eponymous founder in 1971.… Read More

Canadian Mallory Richard podiums at Western States' Golden Ticket race – Canadian Running Magazine

On Saturday, February 16 Manitoba’s Mallory Richard, 34, placed third at one of the most competitive 100K races of the season. Black Canyon 100K in Arizona is part of the Altra Running Golden Ticket Series, where the top two male and female finishers receive automatic entry to the iconic Western States 100 mile race in June.… Read More

One strong woman redefining female beauty for new millennium – Free Malaysia Today

Ammetta Malhotra Bergin is not your conventional beauty queen. She disagrees that being moderately muscular is not beautiful. PETALING JAYA: If you are a couch potato, the name Ammetta Malhotra Bergin is unlikely to ring any bells. But in the world of pumping iron in high heels she’s a star. This awesomely toned model and… Read More

'Take back your power through fitness' at Juanita Khumalo's boot camp – The South African

Wellness and fitness coach, Juanita Khumalo is inviting women to ‘take their power back through fitness’ with her upcoming Trove Fitness boot camp. The boot camp On 23 February 2019, women can jump-start their fitness journey with Juanita at the Innes Free Park in Sandton, Johannesburg. The morning session will be jam-packed with the latest… Read More

Stretch your exercise plan beyond weights and cardio – Harvard Health – Harvard Health

Including stretching exercises in your workout regimen is essential to maintaining good posture and balance. Published: March, 2019 Image: © kali9/Getty Images Whether you’re an avid exerciser or spend most of your time sitting in front of a computer, stretching should be part of your weekly routine. While this may conjure images of complicated twists… Read More

Canada's Sharpe, Karker take women's gold, silver in freestyle halfpipe – Yahoo Canada Sports

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What Can Domestic Plumbers Do? – Women Fitness

What Can Domestic Plumbers Do? What Can Domestic Plumbers Do? Upon reading this article, you will be enlightened with the ideas on what can a domestic plumber do especially in terms of providing the best plumbing services for your home. Plumbing services are definitely needed by most homeowners to ensure the efficiency of the entire plumbing… Read More