AnastasiaDate Shares its Lively Dating Guide on Becoming a Successful Romantic During the Summer Months – Press Release – Digital Journal

AnastasiaDate has released a lively dating guide on how to become a successful romantic during the summer months. The leading international dating service AnastasiaDate has released an exciting and informative guide on achieving romantic success during the summer months. The dating service is popular among European singles looking for their ideal matches from across the… Read More

‘Yaanaa’ features 3 sisters in lead roles – Deccan Herald

Director Vijayalakshmi Singh’s latest directorial called, ‘Ýaanaa’, that released today, features her three daughters. The film which has over 40 new technicians and six debutant actors, took over two years to make. ‘Yaanaa’, meaning journey, captures the events that unfold when three girls embark on a road trip. The subject is bold and in keeping with… Read More

What Should I Put In My Dating App Bio? This Study Reveals Emojis Are A No No – Bustle

Whether you’re looking for something serious or just a bit of fun, the dating app life isn’t always easy. When you’re going through a dry spell it can feel like everyone is luckier in love than you are. However, you don’t need to leave your dating success to fate. A survey has revealed Brits top… Read More

Romance scams bear similarities to others plaguing Space and Treasure coasts – TCPalm

CLOSE Actress Kirsten Vangsness talks about how victims of cyber crime can reach the FBI with their information. CONTRIBUTED VIDEO BY FBI, Treasure Coast Newspapers It’s not the most common scam on the Space and Treasure coasts. But federal investigators are concerned about the number of romance scams being reported to their offices here and across… Read More

Team MVP: Overcoming the Horrors of Online Dating – WGN Radio – Chicago

Heart Love Keyboard (Photo Courtesy of Athree23 of Pixabay) Heart Love Keyboard (Photo Courtesy of Athree23 of Pixabay) According to a study conducted by sociologists at Stanford University & Reuben Thomas of the University of New Mexico, 40 percent of people nowadays use online dating. For many people seeking companionship Online is downright frustrating. Grace… Read More

Spark a sizzling hot romance with a rodeo twist at this Stampede event – Daily Hive

Forget knight in shining armour, this summer you might just find a cowboy (or cowgirl) to sweep you off your feet. Kicking off Stampede season in Calgary, Dashing Date is holding its annual summer speed dating event on July 4, where you can saddle up and meet the cowgirl or cowboy of your dreams. Speed… Read More

Netflix July 2019 Australia: ELLE's New TV & Movie Picks – ELLE Australia

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Power to Petites: Thru-Hiking Tips for Small Women – The Trek

Acing a long hike on short legs There’s a gap in Virginia just for us! An under-represented population Welcome, small-sized gals! We may be a minority on the trail, but don’t let that stop you from living your thru-hiker dreams. Before I left for the Appalachian Trail, I intently searched for “petite women hikers” online… Read More