Nichole Wurth's health and wellness approach encourages women to connect with their bodies – Vail Daily News

Nichole Wurth moved to the Vail Valley from Denver eight years ago.Special to the Daily Combine the 39,000 marked trails and 13,000 designated campsites in Colorado with the personality type in Eagle County that’s going to get after it, fitness and physical activity are high priorities to most that live and play here. But there’s… Read More

Women’s’ diseases men suffer Women’s’ diseases men suffer – Vanguard

By Sola Ogundipe Men are generally less likely than women to look after their health and four times less likely to have visited their doctor in the past year. Women visit the doctor more often mainly for gynecological and other reproductive health checks. But almost 40 percent of men are more likely to have skipped… Read More

Bullies called me a ‘whale’ and said I ‘should be tied to a car and dragged along to lose weight’ – but I LOVE – The Sun

A GORGEOUS plus-size blogger has spoken of the vile abuse she’s received because of her size 24 figure. Callie Thorpe, 30, from Newport, Wales, had told how trolls have cruelly called her “a whale” and said she should be “tied to a car and dragged along like a dog to lose weight”. 6 Size 24… Read More

Paleo Diet Shocking Side Effects You Should Be Aware Of – Medical Daily

The paleo diet has been getting more attention over the past years. This approach mainly encourages people to eat like the human ancestors, who loved high protein foods.  To date, the paleo diet is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate plan mainly used for weight loss. It encourages people to avoid processed foods, including dairy products and those… Read More

Instagram Detox Tea Ads Will Be Limited For Minors By Jay Polish – Bustle

Advertisements for so-called “detox teas” — products that market themselves as weight-loss tools, but functionally work as laxatives — are all over social media. Detox tea ads on Instagram are promoted through celebrity pages and influencers alike. And these ads can have detrimental lasting effects on young people’s self-esteem — just as detox tea’s health… Read More

'I Lost Over 150 Pounds By Meal Prepping And Finding My Love For Running' – Women's Health

My name is Liz Rock, and I currently live in Boston. I’m 29 years old working in Healthcare IT. In the past four years, I’ve lost more than 150 pounds. I’ve struggled with my weight for as long as I could remember. Before my weight-loss journey began, I would “commit” to eating healthy and working… Read More

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‘30 Day Fasting Challenge’ ‘Lose 10 Pounds with this Super Effective 15 Day Fasting Plan’ ‘Flush All Your Body Toxins Out with Fasting’ These are some of the headings that we often come across on the internet. To fit into the current trends and obtain the ideal weight or figure, many take up more intense… Read More

16 health problems you may need to worry about more if you’re a woman – Business Insider

caption In general, women are more likely to get certain conditions, from anxiety to UTIs. source Joe Raedle/Getty Images The female body can do some incredible things, like grow brand-new humans and break world records for longevity. But being female also means you’re more prone to certain diseases. Of course, not everyone’s body fits neatly… Read More

Loose Women's Brenda Edwards reveals she was fat-shamed into losing four stone by Simon Cowell – Daily Mail

Loose Women’s Brenda Edwards reveals how Simon Cowell’s critical comments about her appearance when she auditioned for X Factor HELPED her to lose 4st Brenda Edwards, 45, came fourth on the second series of the X-Factor in 2005 The Loose Women panelist admits she was inspired to lose weight on the show A comment made by Simon Cowell, 59,… Read More