Everything You Need To Know About The OMAD Diet – Women's Health

Now, imagine that’s the only meal you can eat each day. That’s the premise behind the OMAD diet, which stands for “one meal a day,” which is essentially a form of fasting. While fasting can be good for you (just ask Vanessa Hudgens or Jenna Jameson), some experts believe certain methods like the OMAD diet aren’t a healthy, sustainable solution for weight… Read More

Top endocrinology stories: Parental monitoring improves adolescent weight status, omega-3 supplements fail to reduce body weight – Healio

The most-read story in endocrinology this past week detailed a study that found that maintaining communication and awareness between parents and adolescents can positively affect adolescent weight status. Other popular stories included research findings suggesting that omega-3 supplements fail to reduce body weight and insulin resistance in adolescents with obesity, empagliflozin protects kidney function in… Read More

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Keto diet: Jillian Michaels wants you to avoid popular weight loss diet – Body and Soul

Every week there seems to be some sort of study, celebrity, weight loss success story raving on about the benefits of the keto diet, right? But, bit by bit, experts and fitness professionals are coming out in equal force to rally against it and to warn of the potential negative side effects. And now the… Read More

'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny Guadagnino Shows off 50-lb. Weight Loss – PopCulture.com

By Daniel S. Levine – January 14, 2019 Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino showed off before and after photos to highlight his 50-pound weight loss in response to Jillian Michaels‘ recent slam of the keto diet. During a recent Women’s Health interview, Michaels took a stand against the diet, pointing out that it might leave… Read More

Antonia Kidman, 48, looks exhausted after working out – Daily Mail

Is everything okay? Antonia Kidman, 48, looks exhausted as she shows off her extremely slender and muscular frame after a gym workout By Daily Mail Australia Reporter Published: 19:49 EST, 13 January 2019 | Updated: 22:00 EST, 13 January 2019 She is known for her dedication to fitness, but has Antonia Kidman taken her workout… Read More

Healthy habits: Participants line up to sign up for The Challenge weight loss competition – Brownsville Herald

The Challenge has returned for its 10th year of encouraging healthy habits among Cameron County residents, and participants lined up Saturday at the Brownsville Farmers Market to register for the weight-loss competition. Ana Laura Garrido and her fellow competitors on Team Women’s Power were the first in line. She said the group has two Challenge… Read More

Finding ‘me’ on the mat, you too can: How Yoga changed my life – Daily Nation

By MARION MAINAMore by this Author Not many people will believe Dorcas Murunga when she credits yoga, the discipline that stresses on body relaxation, for her reduction from 100 kilograms six years ago to the 67 kilograms she weighs at the moment. To the untrained eye, yoga looks like an eccentric activity where people strike… Read More

What Celebrities Are on the Keto Diet? – The Cheat Sheet

The keto diet is shaping up to be the trendiest weight-loss plan of 2019. Adherents say pounds just melt away on the low-carb, high-fat diet. With promises like that, it’s not surprising that everyone from Instagram influencers to your cubicle-mate at work has jumped on the keto bandwagon. Celebrities aren’t immune to the hype, and… Read More

Intermittent fasting helps obese women lose weight – Daily Trust

Obese women may be able to lose more weight and improve their health by fasting intermittently while following a strictly controlled diet, according to new research at the University of Adelaide. The study, published in the journal Obesity, involved a sample of 88 women following carefully controlled diets over 10 weeks. “Continuously restricting their diet… Read More