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Vicki Anstey lost six stone from giving up booze [Channel 4]

Vicki Anstey has completely transformed her body after overhauling her booze-filled diet.

The star of Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins cut out all alcohol in order to go from fat to fit.

The 40 year old fitness instructor says that she has never been in such good shape, and she’s been flaunting her abs alongside Ant Middleton on the gruelling TV show.

The reality TV star shed a massive six stone [Vicki Anstey / Instagram]

Vicki told The Sun Online: “At my largest, in 2003, I weighed 14st 2lbs. I’ve literally been the fatty on the sofa – I didn’t look after myself.

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“I was working in advertising and eating a typical high-convenience diet based on a job that involved long hours, late nights and stress.

“It would be bacon sandwiches at breakfast meetings, a brie or bacon sandwich at my desk at lunch, alcohol most evenings, curry or pizza on the way home – too much beige food!”

The fitness fanatic shows off her stunning body on Instagram [Vicki Anstey / Instagram]

Vicki is a big fan of health and fitness guru Joe Wicks [Instagram]

Vicky also revealed that at her peak she was drinking alcohol at least four nights a week and was smoking cigarettes several times a day.

“I drank about three to four nights a week. That was the culture – a free bar in the building. Everyone smoked.

“Because I was tall, I got away with being a little overweight, but I was conscious of it. I remember once splitting a pair of trousers and feeling really ashamed of how much weight I’d put on.”

Vicki Anstey gave her all on SAS: Who Dares Wins [Vicki Anstey / Instagram]

Vicki continued: “I’m quite a determined person so, once I decided to lose weight, I committed to it, totally changing my lifestyle, cutting back on booze and instead concentrating on diet and exercise.

“I went to Weight Watchers for at least six months – I wanted the accountability of being weighed each week. I wanted to see the weight go down more than I ever wanted a bar of chocolate.

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