Tori Parent was ready to move out.

She had started a stash for her apartment.

A chair. Dishes. A crockpot. Kitchen utensils and knickknacks.

And then, before she could settle on a place, the 2011 Lincoln Southeast graduate, the girl who loved golf and wanted to be a firefighter, got sick.

Tori was 22 when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer; she died three years later.

Her parents kept the things their only child had collected in the days when she anticipated life out on her own.

“She was so excited to take the next step,” her mom Cheri said. “But the minute we got the diagnosis, she said, ‘I think I’m better off at home right now.’”

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The right time to leave never came.

Ted and Cheri Parent live on Pine Lake. Cheri is a teacher; Ted works for the Air National Guard. Tori grew up on the tree-lined street, a tomboy who skinned her knees and broke bones, stubborn and loyal and funny.

When Tori was sick with a diagnosis that didn’t offer much hope, Cheri had visited with a neighbor about her apartment stash.

The neighbor had a daughter who volunteered for the Friendship Home. Emily Kent decorated apartments for domestic violence victims moving from emergency shelter care into transitional apartments with their children.

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