Health is wealth! One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is, unsurprisingly, beginning a diet. After a long marathon of holiday eating and drinking, many of us feel the need to kick-start the year with a healthier outlook on food, fitness, and more. The latest celeb to make health his 2018 priority? DJ Khaled. The music mogul has taken to Instagram to share his weight loss journey, documenting his progress through the Weight Watchers program. But one thing he’s not willing to give up? A fine red wine.

In a video posted yesterday, Khaled shared his latest wine obsession: Domaine Dujac’s Chambertin Grand Cru, a Burgundy wine that happens to be one of the best ones around. “I gotta be honest, Jay-Z put me up on this,” Khaled said in the Instagram video. “I fell in love with it.” He goes on to calculate that one glass is four points on the Weight Watchers program, and that he needs to save eight points at the end of the night, “in case I drink two,” he says.

Domaine Dujac’s wines have quite the reputation. Established in 1967, the label was founded by Jacques Seysses and his father, Louis. They have been producing wines at their vineyard in France’s Burgundy region for over 50 years, and their collections range from Vosne-Romanée wines to Morey-Saint-Denis wines. For further clout: The wines also happen to be a favorite of the Roc Nation crew, where Jay-Z was recently spotted sipping some Dujac as well. Call it the hip-hop scene’s most beloved vino.

If you’re looking to sample the wine, though, get ready to splurge. The bottles retail for $1,000 and up (and way, way up, depending on the vintage year). Call it an investment for your taste buds. But before you go on indulging too much, just remember Khaled’s words: “The key is to enjoy life, and live responsibly.”

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