“Make movement a priority, even something as small as a 10-minute walk outside, can have you feel better and less cooped up during the winter months,” Nygaard said. “Movement is also proven to help release endorphins and improve your health both physically and mentally.”

Another tip is to know your indulgences and not head into the holidays with a free for all attitude.

“Maybe grandma’s butter tarts are your absolute weakness, remember what makes you feel your best,” Nygaard said.

The message here is not that you can’t have a butter tart but still make nutritious whole foods a priority.

“I often tell my clients to use the 80/20 method, 80 per cent nutritious food choices and 20 per cent what your heart desires,” Nygaard said. “That way you’re taking away the restriction mentality, but also being mindful of your food choices to help you feel good.”

Keeping a routine over the holidays can help maintain any goals you have already been working on.

“A late night here and there doesn’t hurt and it’s good to socialize but not completely falling out of routine is going to help you bounce back easier when it is time to go back to work,” Nygaard said. “We all know, we show up as better humans when we have a good night’s rest and can function properly.”

Drinking water when indulging in holiday treats or beverages goes a long way as well.

“Water is your friend during the holidays, it helps flush out toxins in your body and keep you hydrated so that you can function optimally,” Nygaard said.

Water also works wonders when it comes to keeping the bloat away.

While having these four key areas in mind, it can be just as important to rest and relax.

“This is the perfect time to kick up your feet, play cards, spend time with family or snuggle up and watch a Christmas movie. Just as much as it is good to stay active, you also need rest and recovery,” she said. “Take the extra time you have off to just enjoy the moment and be present with the ones you love. You’ll thank your self later, when you’re back in the grind.”

Nygaard is the owner of Renew U Fitness with a women’s only training studio in the Wellness Centre in Melfort.


On Twitter: @Angie_Rolheiser

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