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Hormone therapy benefits women living active lives. 

(Henderson, Nevada) There was a time when women reaching a certain age accepted health problems along with a lesser quality of life as a part of getting older. Dr. Deepali Kashyap of Galleria Women’s Health is changing her patients’ lives offering bioidentical hormone therapy for women that are peri-menopausal or menopausal.

“Women’s bodies begin to transition starting in their early 40s and continue into their 50s,” explains Dr. Kashyap. “Women begin to lose the female hormones needed to function and start to experience symptoms.” This can include low libido, hot flashes, lower energy levels, dry skin and hair, along with bone loss, night sweats, and difficulty with memory. The bioidentical hormone treatment can replace hormones and is similar to the hormones produced by the body.

Dr. Kashyap is passionate about this treatment because she is also maturing and is experiencing some of the changes in her own body. She refused to accept these changes as part of getting older. She researched for answers to continue her quality of life and offers the same treatments to her patients.

While living with a decrease in hormones is not life threatening, it does affect the quality of a person’s life as well as their relationships with an intimate partner. The life expectancy for women can be 80 or 90 years. Dr. Kashyap offers treatments to improve the second half of her patients’ lives.

Bioidentical hormones are customized for each patient. One of the options may involve a small bioidentical hormone pellet the size of a grain of rice placed in the body underneath the skin. The procedure is simple and painless. The pellet consists of estradiol or testosterone and is usually synthesized from yams or soybeans. The pellet dissolves between three to six months after treatment. Patients have reported improved sexual health and improved quality of life after the procedure.

Dr. Kashyap is a board-certified physician in obstetrics and gynecology. She attended medical school in India at Bangalore Medical College. Dr. Kashyap completed her medical residency at Beth Israel Medical Center and the Albert Einstein School of Medicine in New York. Having experienced the eastern and western parts of the world, she combines her therapy to provide a more well-rounded approach to health. Dr. Kashyap has been practicing in Nevada for the past 10 years.

Galleria Women’s Health along with gynecological services also provides services including labiaplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) shots, treatments for incontinence, Botox, and skin fillers. For more information, call 702-983-2010 or visit  


Galleria Women’s Health provides the highest quality of services and care for women of all ages. Dr. Deepali Kashyap and staff focus on many aspects of women’s health, including sexual health, abnormal pelvic bleeding, pelvic pain management, infertility, menopause management, family planning, as well as minimally invasive and major pelvic surgeries.

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