The Petershill-based club hope the partnership can highlight awareness and generate a growth of smear testing numbers within the community.

Glasgow City have launched a new partnership with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, the UK’s leading cervical cancer charity, because #SmearTestsSaveLives.

Almost 1 in 3 women and other people with a cervix don’t attend vital cervical screening, otherwise known as the ‘smear test’? The trust is on a mission to change that, in Scotland and beyond.

The 15-time SWPL champions have announced they will support the charity this season to share potentially life-saving messages.

Women & girls club Glasgow City link up with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust (Credit: GCFC x Tony Cairney)

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust chief executive Samantha Dixon said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Glasgow City FC to spread the word that #SmearTestsSaveLives.

“There can be so many reasons cervical screening (smear tests) can be a difficult test. This includes not knowing what the test is for, embarrassment, anxiety or work commitments.

“One of our aims at Jo’s is to make sure that everyone has the information and support they need to get tested, and we’re so pleased that Glasgow City FC are joining us on that mission this season.”

One of the biggest barriers for non-attendance of screenings often tends to be work.

• 1 in 5 have had to use their annual leave to attend a cervical screening appointment

Glasgow City players Hayley Lauder and Claire Shine (Credit: GCFC x Tony Cairney)

• 62% say that an increase in discussion about women’s health in the workplace would make them feel more comfortable taking time off to look after their health

• 15% have delayed a cervical screening because they felt unable to take time off work

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust want to change this, and with Glasgow City’s backing, they are encouraging employers to sign up to Time to Test. This means committing to giving employees the time they need to attend these appointments, as well as raising the profile of cervical screening and cervical cancer in the workplace.

Glasgow City CEO Laura Montgomery said: “As a club that champions women and girls, women’s health is an important priority for us.

“We are delighted to partner with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and join their campaign to encourage as many women as possible to get tested regularly.

The partnership looks to utilise Glasgow City’s community voice to assist with the #SmearTestSavesLives campaign to encourage women to get checked reguarly. (Credit: GCFC x Tony Cairney)

“As the campaign states, smear tests save lives, it as simple as that and we look forward to promoting this message throughout the season and helping as many women as possible”.

In Glasgow & Clyde, the testing rate is the lowest across the whole of Scotland at 61.4%. This compares to Shetland at the top of the table with a 78.5% rate.

Visit the Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust website to find out more about what smear tests involve, why they’re so important and how you can make sure your smear test works for you:

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