Sun Seed Co., a Taiwan-based feminine hygiene and natural production company that creates environmentally-friendly and healthy products, this week announced they have launched a line of four kinds of feminine products for feminine vitality and vaginal health.

The new vaginal health HH product line includes antibacterial effects that provide all women with an extra layer of protection. Additionally, the products feature a natural cooling formula that relieves vaginal itch, vaginal dryness, vagina discharge, and vagina odor from moisture, creating a breathable and aerated environment.

“HH stands for where herb and health collide, in our all-natural and ecofriendly product line,” said Huang, Huei-Chih, Founder and Owner of Sun Seed Co. “We closely monitor all product ingredients used in our women’s vaginal formula, from start to finish. By adding in multiple natural plant extracts and patented ingredients, we are also careful to eliminate harmful compounds like parabens and pigments, for the ultimate healthy formula.”

Put an End to Menstruation Blues

Most women around the world report feeling unhappy during their menstruation cycle, wondering what they can do to improve their experience. With a cooling sensation that not only soothes the odor, but also refreshed the whole person, the HH product line is changing women’s lives around the world.

The four-pack set includes a vaginal daily cleansing formula, a whitening and firming moisturizer, a stain-free panties formula, and a no odor and itch spray that can be used and applied at any time. Each bottle is compact and easy to carry, with a convenient inverted design that allows every woman to maintain optimal pH in intimate areas at all times.

“The natural deodorant spray can be used after the restroom, swimming, spa, exercising, sitting, traveling, and even during periods,” said Huang. “With fresh floral, citrus cool, woody, sweet lychee, and cranberry scents available throughout the product line, we are doing our part to support the amazing, hard-working, and versatile women around the world.”

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