Mama June has done basically everything to keep the weight off.

Mama June has always been a staple on the reality TV scene. She first appeared as Alana Thompson’s mother on the popular Toddlers and Tiaras and then the spin-off Honey Boo Boo, and now she has been in the spotlight because of her 300-pound weight loss. Fans have learned a lot about Mama June in recent years and her physical changes are what people tend to focus on since they are so drastic.

Even Mama June’s children have gotten plastic surgery and so this family isn’t strangers to deciding to make some changes to their appearance. But while losing weight is tough, keeping it off is a journey as well. Let’s take a look at how Mama June is keeping the weight off.

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What Mama June Does

Fans have forgotten many things about Mama June as the reality star’s personal life has put her in the spotlight quite often. But fans will never forget the fact that the star went down to a size four.

There is one main thing that the reality star does to keep the weight off: Mama June doesn’t eat breakfast and wakes up at 1 p.m.

The star is also committed to an exercise routine. According to, Mama June was spotted running along Florida’s Jensen Beach in 2019, so that is one way that she has been breaking a sweat. also reported that Mama June was doing beach yoga.

Women’s Health interviewed Kenya Crooks, the trainer who helped Mama June, who said that “reaching sit-ups” and “elbow crunches” were some of the exercises that they worked on. The two would work out via Skype or get together IRL twice or three times weekly. There was also a big focus on ab movements.

Mama June also makes sure to do a lot of walking. According to The List, she said, “Once you get started with the kids you don’t think about it. You’re walking and you’re like ‘I’ve already walked three miles!'”

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What Mama June Eats

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People often say that weight loss or maintenance is all about portion control and that is one thing that Mama June has been doing. According to, Mama June has beans, corn, and pork chops that are baked for dinner on a regular basis. She’ll cook some quinoa and bake chicken. According to Hollywood Life, she will have almonds, cheese, and deli meat for her mid-day meal.

She also makes sure to snack, and cheese and grapes are something that she enjoys often. She said of her snack, “I walk by the refrigerator, get three or four grapes and then walk away,” according to Hollywood Life.

Mama June’s trainer, Crooks, told Women’s Health, “I really stressed lean meats, vegetables, and fruits.”

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The Journey

In May 2016, Mama June had gastric sleeve surgery and she used to weigh 460 pounds. She also had a tummy tuck procedure. Fans were able to see her journey on the show Mama June: From Not To Hot.

As Mama June told Refinery 29, “the transformation has been probably one of the hardest things that I’ve went through in my whole entire life. But actually it’s well, well worth it.”

The reality star also shared the way that she talks to her children about body image and self-love. She said, “I’ve always told everybody — my kids, everybody — you have to love yourself [first] and foremost and whether you’re big, small, whatever, you have to finally love yourself without anybody worrying about what people think or what you think. I mean, you gotta love yourself regardless. I love my kids at what weight they’re at now, if they lost 100 pounds. And I know that my kids loved me when I was big [and] they love me now.”

Mama June told Entertainment Tonight in 2017 that it was tough to see older photos of herself as she didn’t recognize that person and it didn’t feel like they were the same person. She also said that she wasn’t interested in more surgery or procedures. She said, “I will do whatever it takes. You have to exercise, you have to maintain. A lot of people think [if] you have the surgeries, nothing else has to be done.” The reality star explained that the procedures set her back over $50,000, as she also had a skin removal procedure.

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Mama June is still committed to keeping the weight off, as there are recent pictures of her getting some exercise on the treadmill (with a mask on) and her Instagram is filled with photos of her working out as well. It sounds like after her 300-pound weight loss, she’s continuing with her diet and exercise plan and that’s how she’s able to maintain it.

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