How To Know If You Qualify For Coronavirus Testing – Women's Health

As of Wednesday night (25th March), this has been expanded to include health or aged care workers, and those in identified hotspots and high-risk settings who are suffering from a fever or acute respiratory symptoms.


According to the PM, the term ‘high-risk settings’ include detention centres, rural and remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, correctional facilities, boarding schools and military bases that have live-in accommodation.

“National Cabinet also agreed that testing will be expanded to include hospitalised patients with fever and acute respiratory symptoms of unknown cause, at the discretion of the treating clinician,” he said in a statement.

The news comes as the TGA revealed it had approved a new 15-minute virus test kit which is set to be rolled out across the country next week.

If you think you might have contracted COVID-19, the Australian health authorities have set up a dedicated coronavirus advice line on 1800 020 080. They will advise you on how best to get tested and limit your potential risk of spread to others

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