A PLUS-SIZE woman who claims to have been humiliated for using the gym has hit out at her detractors.

Santa Baby’s (@aminimalbae) TikTok takedown is a clarion call to all big women out there.


Santa Baby is taking down gym body shamersCredit: Tiktok / @aminimalbae


Santa Baby is plus-size and proudCredit: Tiktok / @aminimalbae

She was incredulous when she was criticized for working out.

“I was fat-shamed at the gym today,” she said, still wearing her gym gear.

“This is why big people don’t go to the gym.”

The irony was lost on the body critics: “I’ve been told my whole life to lose weight and go to the gym.

“Well, here I am at the gym but I’m still fat-shamed for going.”

But sassy Santa Baby is having none of it. “Fat shaming really? At the gym?”

She is a proud plus-size woman, who describes gym visits as her “therapy”.

And the gym goer hopes slaying her detractors will inspire other big women like her.

“Hope that 30 seconds made you feel good huns,” she says.

If there was any doubt about her not returning to the gym, think again.

“Trust me. I just kept going. I’ll see them tomorrow.”


She is ignoring the hatersCredit: Tiktok / @aminimalbae

There was disbelief in the comments to her post.

“How can someone disrespect a big person for going to the gym? That actually baffles me that it happened,” was a comment typical of many.

“That should never happen. You beautiful, don’t stress it,” said another.


“Your gorgeous,” said many of her followersCredit: Tiktok / @aminimalbae

One thought she was gorgeous: “You are literally one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen.”

Incredible said others: “Imagine fat shaming someone for using the gym – how the gym was meant to be used.”

Keep doing what you do said this comment: “Don’t let it deter you from the gym because you’ll just keep facing it. Better be yourself and soon they’ll be quiet.”

Finally, give body haters no attention: “Ignore them, just jealous ‘cause you’re gorgeous. Be proud.”

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