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Janine Allis , “The Godmother” of Australian Survivor, has spoken candidly about her 44 days in the game and the toll it took on her body.

Like many former-contestants the Aussie businesswoman revealed the extreme amount of weight she lost on the show. 


“I was BONE,” she told news.com.au. “I had no protection against the cold, so it was really tough. I had Pia Miranda as my snuggle buddy and water bottle — that’s all you have to keep you warm, there’s no blankets, there’s no pillow. But I was skinny. I couldn’t even sit on the ground; it was just bone on dirt.”

Watch below to hear Janine’s first thoughts after being booted…

However, it seemed there was a couple of upsides to the notoriously scant diet.

“People in general seemed really healthy: Their skin was clear, their eyes were white,” the 55-year-old said. “Sure, we were all very fatigued because we didn’t get enough calories … but for instance, the ex-athletes who’d had a lot of injuries, and a lot of inflammation around those injuries, that basically vanished.”

“It’s because we were eating food that was pretty much natural, with no artificial flavours or preservatives. Take all of that out of our diet, and people were actually really healthy. I found it a really interesting social experiment.”

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While Janine was one of the strongest contenders on the reality TV show, the Boost CEO investor said her time on the show was incredibly challenging.

“I watched enough of the show to understand what It would be like but nothing prepares you for a storm that’s coming in sideways at two in the morning and you’re starving, freezing cold and wet to the bone,” she told Who.com.au. “Even watching it back now, you can’t get the full impact of just how horrific it was. It was wild.”

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