Married At First Sight Jules won't deprive herself to lose weight for wedding – Who

Married At First Sight’s Jules Robinson has spoken more about her weight-loss plans ahead of marrying her reality TV fiance, Cam Merchant.

On Thursday, the MAFS star said she refuses to deprive herself to meet unrealistic weight loss standards. 

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‘I’ll come to events like this and (won’t deprive myself) and I’m still losing weight,’ Jules told The Daily Telegraph at AMG’s High Performance luncheon in Sydney. 

Last week, the 37-year-old announced she has become the latest celebrity ambassador for Weight Watchers, revealing a 3kg weight loss since joining the program in August.

However, the glam red-head admitted she’s hoping to shed a further 7kgs ahead of her big day.

“I love having a womanly figure and I’ll always have curves,” Jules said in her official Weight Watchers statement.

“But I also recognise the importance of being at a healthy weight, especially at this important stage of my life.”

Also taking to Instagram, Jules shared the exciting news: “Proud to be the new ambassador for Australia and New Zealand WW!

“Anyone that knows me well and for a long time, knows that I have fluctuated my whole life. WW is holistic healthy sustainable approach to being a healthy, curvy, womanly best version of my self! “

“I’m Looking forward to sharing this rewarding experience with you!”

In a recent interview with Sydney Confidential, Jules admitted she had gained weight during her time on the Nine reality show.

“I’ve tried a lot of fad diets in the past which have caused my weight to yo-yo for years,” Jules said.

“The real difference with WW is that it’s not a short term fix but a holistic lifestyle approach, which is shifting my mindset towards balance rather than restriction.”

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