Meeting Girls at the Beach: Why It’s a Good Idea :- If there is the beach in your area and you have never used it as a venue for meeting women, you don’t even know what you’ve been missing out on. It’s a great place to approach girls for a number of reasons.

  1. Atmosphere.
    Girls come to the beach to relax, get sun-tanned, and have fun. They are in a cheerful mood and open for new acquaintances. It means that you can approach a woman and start a conversation with her without being afraid that she’s busy or not in the mood. The sun, fresh air, sand, and water create a special atmosphere of fun and romance. Women are subconsciously ready for being approached, so your first move is welcome.
  2. Activities.
    Women like active guys so don’t just lie around or walk leisurely. Play volleyball, swim, or surf – this way you’ll attract girls’ attention. If you spot a girl and want to meet her, come up to her and ask her to join your volleyball team. It’s an easy and effective way to meet girls because few of them would decline the proposal of an active and athletic guy.
  3. The amount of girls.
    The beach is the place where a lot of single girls come with their female friends. Where on earth would you find such a high concentration of beautiful half-naked girls? If it’s a summer season and you’re a single handsome guy who doesn’t want to be lonely anymore, go to the beach, have fun, and meet different women. Probably, your next date is among them.
  4. Your good mood.
    It’s very important how you feel deep inside approaching women because they feel your inner state. If you get a kick out of being at the beach, lying in the sun, swimming, and being active, you’ll radiate a positive energy that influences the way women perceive you. So, you’re at the place that inspires you, your mood is up, and the girls are relaxed and cheerful – it’s a perfect combination for making a couple of new acquaintances with the opposite sex.
  5. Romance.
    Meeting at the beach is romantic and this is why. You come there in the morning and stay there till the sun goes down. If you manage to meet a nice girl at noon, you have the whole day to get to know her and have fun with her. Since you’re going to spend so much time together, it can be called your first date.

Now that you see that the beach is a perfect place for a single guy to meet beautiful single girls, here are some tips to help you approach them successfully.

Ask to keep an eye on your backpack. If you’re looking for a friendly and unobtrusive way of approaching girls at the beach, you can try out the following method. Just walk up to the girls lying on their towels and ask to leave your backpack near them while you’ll go for a swim. When you come back, say something funny like “You’re still here? And my camera isn’t gone. Hmm”. After that, start a conversation.


Suggest playing frisbee. If you go to the beach with your buddy, don’t forget to bring a frisbee. Offer the girls who caught your eye to play with you. If they hesitate, tell them that they’ll get a better tan if they move. If they totally decline your offer, just smile and wish them good luck and keep your searches a few meters away from them.

Offer to swim. Asking a girl to go for a swim is the most obvious beach opener. Also, when you start talking to a girl and an awkward silence sets in, just ask her whether she’d like to swim. If she’s interested in you, she’ll go swimming with you. Or if she doesn’t feel like swimming, keep talking, offer to get her an ice-cream, or get her number.

Avoid physical compliments. It must be tempting to say something nice about her body but it’s not a good idea. If you approached a woman, she already knows that she got you interested in her good looks. Compliments are welcome but make sure they concern her personality rather than her appearance. Something like “You’re so funny/charming” will be appropriate.

This article was written by the relationship experts who teach single foreigners the art of dating Russian brides.

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