Maintaining your intimate hygiene levels is important at all times. However, the importance increases when you are on your periods. If you are using a menstrual cup when you are on your periods, you need to have some good menstrual cup cleansers or sterilizers and intimate washes that will ensure proper hygiene levels. Menstrual cup kits are available online in India that allow you to buy cups, intimate wash, menstrual cup wash and even a menstrual cup bag in one go. So, it will be easy for you to maintain your intimate and menstrual hygiene levels.

To help you buy a menstrual cup kit online, here is a list of some of the most popular options that you can consider buying. Have a look at some trusted choices and go for the menstrual cup kit that suits your needs.

This combo of menstrual cup and wash is one of the most popular and affordable choices that you can buy online. The cup is easy to use and comfortable even when you are using it while sleeping. It can give you protection for 8 to 12 hours depending on your flow to let you sleep or work without worrying about the stains. This cup is suitable for women who have not given birth yet.

You can use this cup for up to 10 years if you clean and store it properly. If you find the surface of the cup sticky, you need to replace it with a new one.

When it comes to menstrual hygiene products, Sirona has been a trusted brand in India. This menstrual cup kit is suitable for all your menstrual and intimate hygiene needs. The cup avoids irritation, odour or dryness during your periods to let you be comfortable at all times. You can use the cup for 8 to 10 hours without worrying about leakage. Just make sure that you clean the cup after every cycle to avoid infections.

The brand offers this combo pack with menstrual cups of 3 sizes. So, you can easily go for the right kit as per your needs.

This combo pack or menstrual hygiene kit by Sanfe can be another good and affordable choice that will let you manage your periods happily. This kit contains an eco-friendly menstrual cup that is free from harmful chemicals to reduce the risk of infections or allergies. It even includes an intimate wash with the extracts of apple cider vinegar and cranberry. Besides this, there is even a menstrual cup wash with neem and tea tree extracts for cleaning your cup after every cycle effectively.

Once you use the wash, make sure that you store the cup properly in the bag. Choose the kit depending on your ideal size of the menstrual cup and manage your periods without sanitary napkins.

Pee Safe is another trusted name in India when it comes to intimate and menstrual hygiene products. This combo of a menstrual cup with intimate wash will ensure that you can maintain your hygiene levels at all times. The cup can be used for up to 5 years if you store it properly and will offer you up to 12 hours of leakproof protection. The cup is free from chemicals and fragrance and the wash is free from sulphur and parabens. So, you can buy this combo without any worries.

Choose from the small and large size of the cup as per your age group and manage your periods happily.

This kit of menstrual cup, cleaner and bag is suitable for women above the age of 30 and have given birth to a child. The cup is made of medical-grade silicone and can hold 25-30 ml of fluid at a time. So, you need not worry about cleaning the cup every few hours even if your flow is too heavy. The eco-friendly jute bag available in this kit allows you to carry your toiletries and menstrual care products easily in your handbag.

This menstrual cup cleanser is available in a powder form unlike most of the popular options. If you are using a cup for the first time, make sure that you follow the using and washing instructions properly.

Look for other options in menstrual cup kits here.

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