Nutrition Program at Kincaid School Bolstered By Donation –

The Kincaid Central School got a boost from a local farming business Friday morning.

South West Terminal donated $500 to the school’s nutrition program.

“SWT has always had a big emphasis on community and community involvement has always been a big part of what we do here,” Brody Loverin, a grain marketing rep for SWT, said. “So feeding the world is very important for SWT, as well as feeding the local communities and programs within it.”

It’s a nutrition program in Kincaid, instead of a breakfast club.

“We don’t necessarily have a breakfast program, we have a nutrition program,” Judy Corcoran, a kindergarten teacher at Kincaid Central School, said. “Just because when we do some healthy eating and activities, it’s not specifically breakfast, we do it at snack time or lunch time or other times of the day.”

The nutrition program is utilized during snack time when children don’t have a snack or when they forget to bring their lunch from home.

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