As Some States' Threat to Women Rises, Donations Surge – Nonprofit Quarterly

May 20, 2019; Harper’s Bazaar This month, as a number of states passed draconian abortion laws, the groups advocating against strict restrictions or providing reproductive health services experienced a now-familiar phenomenon in surging rates of contact from people seeking to respond—in this case, women. Some are dedicated to making sure those services and rights continue… Read More

Weight loss: This is exactly when you should eat breakfast if you want to lose weight – Express

Weight loss efforts can start first thing in the morning with a healthy breakfast. The timing of this meal can, in fact, make all the difference to a successful weight loss regime. By making sure you’re consuming breakfast at the optimum time you can boost your slimming goals. The trick is to eat the meal… Read More

Loose Women cast: Nadia Sawalha defends killing healthy dogs – Daily Star – Daily Star

The Loose Women cast member defended killing healthy dogs in shocking comments. Nadia Sawalha said she would “support” people who get healthy dogs put down after their owner dies so that they can be buried together. The comments came as the Loose Women cast discussed a case in the US where a shih tzu called… Read More

Pregnancy centers near campus draw debate on abortion access – Bradenton News

Members of the University Pro-Choice Coalition protest outside of the First Care Pregnancy Center on Monday, April 29, 2019 in Minneapolis. The Minnesota Daily via AP Courtney Deutz MINNEAPOLIS A handful of student protesters lined the sidewalk in front of First Care Pregnancy Center in Prospect Park in late April. One of their signs proclaimed… Read More

Formerly Homeless Mother Returns To Shelter To Help Residents Celebrate Mother's Day – NBC Southern California

Ask Maybelle Regaspi about Samaritan House’s Safe Harbor, the homeless shelter she once stayed in, and she’ll use a surprising word to describe it. Home. “To be honest with you, this is home for me,” Regaspi said. “I’m so at home every month.” Since leaving the shelter in 2015, Regaspi has been returning every month… Read More

Here's What Happens When Stricter Abortion Laws Are Implemented – IFLScience

As several US states have implemented some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation, a study published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology suggests that legislatively limiting access to the procedure results in a delay that increases the number of second-trimester abortions. Researchers compared changes in second-trimester abortions before and after a 2013 Texas… Read More

Disabled Woman Raped At Hacienda HealthCare Was Likely Pregnant Before – HuffPost

A severely disabled woman who was raped and later gave birth while in the care of Hacienda HealthCare, a Phoenix facility, had likely been pregnant before, according to newly revealed hospital records. The woman’s attorneys filed a $45 million notice of claim against the state of Arizona on Wednesday with specific accusations of what the… Read More