To pee or not pee? That is the question.

We’ve been told so many things about what we should and shouldn’t be doing following sex, and it turns out that the majority of us are making some pretty big post-session mistakes.

“We hear myths about what we should do so that we don’t get a urinary tract infection, but there are some tips being thrown around out there that are completely fiction,” sex expert Renee Slansky from The Dating Directory tells Be.

“If you have ever been unlucky enough to suffer a UTI, you will know that it isn’t something you ever want to have to go through again. Like ever. So how do we keep the romance alive and the pain at bay?”

There are so many myths about what you should do after sex. Source: Getty

Here are Renee’s top tips:

Don’t go to the bathroom

You don’t need to pee straight away. Source: Getty

We’ve all heard the advice that women should pee straight after sex to clear away bacteria from the bladder.

“It’s an old wives’ tale that seems to be floating around,” Renee says.

“From what research and professional health carers tell us, yes peeing helps to flush out everything, but it’s not something that you need to do right away.

“Don’t feel you have to ruin the moment by rushing to the toilet.”

Avoid hot tubs

Stay away from hot tubs. Source: Getty

Whilst it may seem awfully romantic to start having sex in a hot tub, there are some pretty big down sides.

“When we mix hot water with intimate body parts we can create the perfect place for bacteria to grow,” says Renee.

“We all know how the mechanics work, and we all know that when us women have a bath, the water gets everywhere.

“It’s probably safer to stick to dry land or cooler water that doesn’t encourage all those nasty things to thrive.”

Don’t shave

Don’t shave after sex, says Renee. Source: Getty

Most of us do this before we get intimate, but for any of you who are planning a post sex tidy-up, think again.

“When we have shave either right before or after sex we irritate the skin, open the pores and leave it prone to getting some not so romantic rashes,” Renee reveals.

“If you want to do the body makeover. Make sure you do it the day before or after, so you give your skin a chance to heal and calm itself down again.”

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Keep soap away from down there

Avoid lathering up. Source: Getty

It may be tempting to start washing yourself down there after sex, but this isn’t going to do you any favours.

“Feel free to get some clean colder running water, but stay away from the soaps,” Renee adds.

“Truth is you shouldn’t really be putting anything up around that area that is made for the outside of the body. It will most likely irritate and strip away any of the good bacteria.

“Like any part of our body, good health and hygiene goes a long way.”

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