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Homeowners will tell ya, it’s a whole job maintaining a nice lawn. Watering, mowing, and fertilizing require careful scheduling and lots of time. But if you’re looking for one less thing to think about, consider the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler on Amazon. It will build your lawn watering schedule for you.

The Rachio 3 is truly a next-level way to water your lawn. The smart tech tool will create a customized watering schedule for you based on the needs of your lawn. Using your location and your answers to a few simple questions, the tool will determine your lawn’s soil type, plant type, sun exposure and other characteristics. The Rachio 3e then uses this info to determine how often your lawn needs to be watered.

The tool can also collect weather information and will hold a watering if, say, it’s scheduled to rain that day. It’s also designed to skip other unnecessary waterings due to factors like a seasonal shift or frosty weather.

If you ever need to control the lawn sprinkler manually, the Rachio 3e allows you to do it right from your phone using an app. You can divide your lawn into zones, so that you can pick and choose where you want to throw or hold water. Say you’re having an event on one side of your lawn and prefer to leave that area dry for the day, just turn off watering for that “zone” in the app.

To use the Rachio 3e controller, you’ll simply mount the device by connecting it to the wires that already exist in your sprinkler’s current controller system. The device comes with all the instructions you need to set it up, but several customers confirm it’s super easy.

“Set-up was a breeze, I just inserted the wires, plugged it in, and downloaded the app, then it just walked me through the rest of the process,” wrote one reviewer.

Another customer raved about how much money they’ve saved ever since they made the switch to the Rachio 3e. Bye, water waste.

“Now that I have had the Rachio for several months, I can [honestly] say it is one of my favorite connected devices. It is absolutely worth the cost as I have dropped my water bill approximately $30 per month. If you have been thinking about purchasing the Rachio, do yourself a favor and pull the trigger.”

You can start saving your own dollars by getting the Rachio 3e on Amazon for just $129.99.

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