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The College Women on the Rise program sponsors upper-class college women from around the state to attend the Women’s Conference of Florida. The program benefits low-income, academically qualified students who, despite their economic circumstances, have persevered and remained dedicated to their future success.

The day before the conference, College Women on the Rise participants took part in a series of workshops designed to help them achieve success as they enter the workforce. Among these sessions were two career readiness workshops led by more than a dozen volunteers from UMA’s experienced Career Services and Education teams. One workshop focused on resume-writing skills, and the other focused on interviewing for a job.

“Our team looks forward to being part of this conference and these workshops every year,” said Brandi Yates, UMA’s Director of Career Services Training. “We prepare UMA students with these same job readiness techniques every day as they pursue careers in healthcare. This program gives us a chance to share our expertise with others and help make a difference in their lives as they start their career journeys.”

Career readiness is a significant focus for UMA, a Tampa-based non-profit educational institution with the mission of equipping and empowering students to succeed in healthcare careers. In addition to providing online and hands-on educational programs, UMA works closely with both graduates and healthcare employers to help match skilled workers to much-needed positions. That work includes coaching graduates in resume-writing techniques, job interviewing best practices and other skills that not only help during a job search but are also relevant once they’re in the workforce.

“Nowadays, as digital technology and artificial intelligence become more prominent, skills that are uniquely human stand out,” said Michelle Mancini, Senior Manager of Career Services Training at UMA. “Things such as strategic writing, clear communication, personal interaction, empathy and speaking with confidence are all important when applying and interviewing for a job, but they’re also important once you get that job.”

Fifty-four students participated in the workshops led by UMA. Attendees learned from Yates, Mancini and their teams about concepts like the “WHO” method for resume-writing – being able to clearly describe what you’ve done (W), how you’ve done it (H) and what outcomes were achieved (O) – and how to research organizations, understand job responsibilities and practice for a job interview.

About the Women’s Conference of Florida: Founded in 2015, the Women’s Conference of Florida offers professional women from across the state a platform to address the most important issues facing women. Annual conferences feature widely respected thought leaders, exhibits, networking, and panel discussions, all designed to empower women to positively influence the world around them.

About Ultimate Medical Academy: Ultimate Medical Academy is a nonprofit healthcare educational institution with a national presence. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida and founded in 1994, the school has more than 55,000 alumni and offers content-rich, interactive online courses to more than 14,000 students as well as hands-on training to hundreds of students. UMA students have access to academic advising, one-on-one or group tutoring, resume and interview coaching, job search assistance, technical support, and more. UMA is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools. Learn more by visiting https://www.ultimatemedical.edu/.

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