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MILWAUKEE, Feb. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Vibrant Body Company, manufacturer of first layer clean intimate wear for women, took to social media to applaud the transition of Victoria’s Secret ownership by way of acquisition by Sycamore Partners today.

“We so welcome the change. Change is the path to progress. This could potentially be a big win for women’s health, and strides to lessen the objectification of women,” said Beth Shea Palmer, spokesperson for the Vibrant brand. “We’re excited to welcome Sycamore Partners to the conversation about textiles that do no harm.”

Vibrant’s first layer intimates eliminate the concern that cancer causing and otherwise toxic chemicals enter a woman’s body via the two most porous areas of the feminine form.

Vibrant Body Company has never used wires in the design of their bras, which have a 20-year utility patent for innovative design. “The Vibrant Bra is extraordinarily comfortable and is free of potentially harmful chemicals and dyes, but we didn’t stop there,” said Heidi Lehmann, Vibrant’s master designer and one of the world’s foremost intimate apparel designers. “We wanted a bra that gives women an amazing shape and lift. The sexy glow emanating from our customers is self-confidence that comes from knowing you’re naturally beautiful.”

Victoria’s Secret has been under increased scrutiny of late with tumbling stock prices, market share erosion and claims of cultural misogyny, bullying and harassment, as reported by multiple publications, including The New York Times in a February 2020 exposé.

“Sycamore Partners is well respected in the retail sector,” offered Michael Drescher, founder of Vibrant Body Company, and TEDx speaker. “They have the resources to make a true and welcomed impact on self-regulation of the textile industry. We look forward to a productive dialogue and new industry partnership for collectively doing the right thing for women’s health and wellness.”


The Vibrant Body Company offers the world the first clean bra, camisoles and underwear. Everything the company does starts with what’s best for women’s health, well being and comfort. Vibrant’s mission is to change the way women feel and think about their breasts, bras and their first layer. Look for Vibrant Bras, camisoles, tops and underwear at specialty retailers, pop-up stores in New York City, Los Angeles and Milwaukee and online at

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