Belly fat and abdominal weight gain are common with women suffering from PCOS, thanks to hormonal imbalances. It also slows down metabolism, which could make it harder for a person to lose weight.

Exercising can be no less than a game-changer for women with PCOS, and more importantly, a key factor that could help with weight management.

Both PCOD and PCOS are reproductive problems of a similar kind. Talking symptomatically, exercising and ample physical activity can help deal with insulin resistance, which is one of the trademark factors associated with polycystic ovaries and disrupts metabolism and the way sugar is processed in the body. Over time, PCOS can actually put women at the risk of developing prediabetes and diabetes, which are both linked to inflammation and weight gain.

Secondly, regular exercise can also help women dealing with PCOS regulate cholesterol, lower testosterone and cortisol levels and effective combat risks associated with the lifestyle condition.

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