What is 'conscious movement'? And why do some fitness experts swear by it? – NBC News

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By Nicole Spector

Unless we’re doing an exercise that is built around slow breathing and deep focus such as yoga or Pilates, the practice of mindfulness probably isn’t at the top of our list when we hit the gym.

But it should be. Fitness instructors and physical therapists champion mindfulness, aka, “conscious movement” as a key part out of any workout regimen.

So what is conscious movement exactly and how to do do it? Here’s what we learned.

Conscious movement isn’t new — but it’s gaining interest as our workouts intensify

First, it should be recognized that conscious movement may be a trending term, but it’s not a new concept. Tai Chi instructor John Turnbull notes the ancient practice of tai chi hinges on this style of slow, intentional and careful movement that highlights the mind-body connection.

“Mindful exercise is a key component of the training we do,” Turnbull says. “The first step is awareness of how one is standing and moving. Being conscious of how the whole body works together and using the minimum effort to move helps the way we move in all areas of life, including using proper structure, [preventing] injury, and [achieving] a calmer mind. Any physical activity can be done slowly and mindfully, however having someone watch one’s posture is important, especially at first.”

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