Confused as to what to wear on Karva Chauth? Worry not, we are here to clear your confusion to give you tips on what colour clothes to wear this Karva Chauth.

Karva Chauth is a festival that is celebrated in India with huge pomp and show. It is a day when women fast for the long lives of their husbands and then in the evening, this fast is opened after duly worshipping the moon. Amid today’s hectic and busy life, this day gives couples a chance to revive the romance in their relationships and spend some beautiful moments together. Couples can dress up, get pictures clicked, and spend quality time together to bring back the love and affection.

Preparations for this festival begins well in advance. Whether it’s buying jewellery, booking a henna artist or buying clothes for the evening pooja. It is a day of huge importance for women as they fast away to glory for their husbands and for men too, who have to come home on time from office to help women break their fast and feed them.

So, here are the colours women should wear on Karva Chauth according to their zodiac signs.

Aries – Pink

The colour pink will increase your self-esteem and confidence and will be very beneficial for you.

Taurus – Pure White

Wearing white on Karva Chauth will help Taureans to control and manage their negative emotions and anger and will provide practicality and strength.


Gemini – Green

The colour green will bring good health and immunity for this zodiac sign and will encourage growth and happiness.

Cancer – Grey


Grey will bring good luck and satisfaction for Cancerians this Karva Chauth. They will feel powerful and in control of the situation. 

Leo – Purple

Purple is said to be the lucky colour for this zodiac sign. It will bring you good health and happiness and will enhance qualities like gentleness and softness.

Virgo – Green

Virgos should wear anything in green on Karva Chauth. The colour green will bring fresh energy and will bring luck and fulfilment for Virgos. 

Libra – White

It will ensure you are surrounded by positivity all the time and will bring you good luck and prosperity.

Scorpio – Red

Red is the lucky colour for Scorpio. It is an auspicious and bright colour and will give you strength, positivity, courage and confidence.

Sagittarius – Yellow

The colour yellow is lucky for Sagittarians. This will influence your day positively and will help you balance your inner energies.

Capricorn – Blue

The colour blue is said to be auspicious and lucky for Capricorn. It symbolises confidence and connectivity and will help achieve mental stability.

Aquarius – Orange

Orange will help maintain happiness and excitement for Aquarians. It will bring peace and tranquillity for this zodiac sign.

Pisces – Pale Red

Wearing clothes in pale red colour will help in carrying out the tasks easily and will keep the mind happy and calm.

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