Woman Walking Yorkshire For Mental Health Awareness Reaches Coast – Yorkshire Coast Radio

A woman, who’s walking 500 miles around Yorkshire to raise awareness about mental health, is currently making her way through the Yorkshire Coast.

Sarah Shearman is the founder of the I Choose Life Foundation, which offers support and advice to people directly affected by mental health issues. 

She reached Bridlington yesterday (Thursday 10 January) after setting off from Harrogate on Boxing Day.

You can see planned route here:

Sarah set off from Flamborough Lighthouse this morning (Friday 11 January) and will make her way up the Yorkshire Coast this weekend. 

And she’s inviting anyone to walk with her for however far they wish in order to raise the awareness.

sarah shearman walk

Sarah said:

“Tomorrow it’s up from Filey to Scarborough, then Scarborough up to Robin Hood’s Bay and then Whitby.

I’m just taking it one day at a time at the moment!”

Speaking about what the I Choose Life Foundation-which is based in North Yorkshire-does, Sarah added:

“It’s to get people to maybe ask other people how they’re feeling and then be able to direct them to wherever they need to be.

That could be with us, Samaritans, MIND or whoever else. It’s just trying to get people to be a bit braver to encourage a conversation about how you’re really feeling.”


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