Julia Rawson

The remains of Julia Rawson, aged 42, were dumped on wasteland and woodland in Tipton last year, said forensic scientist Linda Ainscough.

Ms Rawson was last seen alive on May 11, 2019, before she was allegedly murdered by Nathan Maynard-Ellis, 30, and his boyfriend David Leesley, 25, the following day. Both defendants deny murder.

Maynard-Ellis, of Mission Drive, Tipton, has pleaded guilty to dismembering her body and concealing a corpse, while Leesley, of the same address, has admitted to the latter offence as well.

The case so far:

Suspected body parts wrapped in “black plastic” were found by police officers – who were accompanied with dogs – during a search of the area last year, said prosecuting Karim Khalil QC.

Mrs Ainscough was drafted in to examine the remains in June 2019 at four locations across two sites, the court heard.

One was down a deep embankment at the rear of Sacred Heart Primary School, and the other was on wasteland near an industrial estate on Coneygree Road.

Twigs and branches were scattered over human remains found in woodland, near to the school, which Mrs Ainscough said looked “out of place”.

At the othersite, on wasteland, human remains were found at the bottom of ditches.

They were wrapped in plastic, weighed down with rocks and covered over with branches, said Mrs Ainscough.

This was “found between a trunk of a bush and a large stone,” continued Mrs Ainscough.

Asked by Mr Khalil, if she believed the bags had been deliberately weighed down and concealed, Mrs Ainscough replied: “Yes.”

The remains were later found to be Ms Rawson’s, the court heard.

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