Women Veterans belong at VA. That’s why every VA has a Women Veteran Program Manager (WVPM) who can help you connect with resources and steer you to the services you need.

Cynthia Shaffner, Women Veteran Program Manager, West Texas VA

What is the role of a WVPM?

WVPMs are your advocates within the VA medical system. They help:

  • Create a welcoming and respectful environment for all women Veterans.
  • Lead programs and services related to women Veterans’ health care.
  • Answer questions about available women’s health services and claims.

They are in charge of ensuring their VA facility has all of the necessary services and resources to care for women Veterans’ health. They advocate on behalf of all women Veterans.

What other professionals are dedicated to women Veterans?

Nearly one third of VA’s women employees are also women Veterans, meaning they can understand your experiences and your needs. VA employees strive to provide the best care anywhere in an environment that encourages a feeling of belonging.

VA has designated women’s health staff who are specially trained in caring for women Veterans. In addition to WVPMs, these staff are available at every VA and include Women’s Health Primary Care Providers, Patient Aligned Care Teams, Maternity Care Coordinators, Women’s Mental Health Champions, and LGBTQ+ Veteran Care Coordinators.

Their roles include:

  • Women’s Health Primary Care Providers, who are trained in general primary care as well as gender-specific care, such as breast health and reproductive care. You can ask to be assigned one as your primary care provider at VA.
  • Patient Aligned Care Team, a team of medical professionals who can help coordinate VA’s services and offerings to align with your personal health plans and goals.
  • Maternity Care Coordinators (MCCs), who help you coordinate every step of your maternity care. MCCs can help you make appointments, manage claims and more.
  • Women’s Mental Health Champions, who are mental health professionals with a special interest in women Veterans’ mental health.
  • LGBTQ+ Veteran Care Coordinators, who are trained in LGBTQ+ Veteran health and can help LGBTQ+ Veterans coordinate their care.

Veterans have choices in their care at VA

When receiving care at VA, you can choose the gender of your provider, including mental health providers, and you can specify your preferences for the gender of provider referrals outside of VA.

You are in control of your care and can stop exams at any point. VA provides chaperones for sensitive exams like breast and pelvic exams. You may also request a chaperone for any exam.

How do I connect with my WVPM?

If you are enrolled in VA health care, you can connect with your local WVPM by calling or texting the Women Veterans Call Center at 855-829-6636, or call your local VA and ask for the WVPM.

If you have not yet enrolled in VA health care, call or text the Women Veterans Call Center at 855-829-6636. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET, and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET. If you call after hours, we will return your call the next day we are open.

Once enrolled, you will have access to the best care anywhere. VA offers:

For more information, you can download a handout on eligibility or visit the VA Women Veterans Health Care website.

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