WVU extension family nutrition program participates in statewide “rethink you drink” – WBOY.com

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – WVU Extension Services participated in a state wide “rethink your drink” campaign to consider the amount of sugar is in the drinks you consume.

They push for individuals to analyze what they are drinking and encourage adults and children to cut back on the sugary drinks, and intake more water and milk.

This campaign begun as a way for people to become aware of
what they were drinking, but has now turn into a state-wide partition. They
have held events around the state allowing members of the community to come see
how much sugar is really in the beverages we drink. They also allow taste
testing of alternative drinks to the sugary and sweetened drinks.

This promotion has reach of nearly 25,000 people, 4,800 of them are students and 28 schools across the state.

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